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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. first decided to join soccer at age 14 in the 8th grade.

      I know a lot of people associate you with soccer so what made you so interested in soccer and what made you take it so seriously?

    2. Texas, New York, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

      New York is very beautiful.

    3. being around my family

      Don't forget about your family. Your family always come first, not many people realize that. It takes a good heart to notice that.

    4. I practice it so much it is easy for me.

      That's great Jodaund! Working hard will pay off soon in the future, don't lose your focus because your dedication is very important.

    5.  I’d  say  I’m  at  the  turning  point  in  life  at  the  moment.  I’m  currently  seeing  people’s  true  colors  and  really  seeing  who are  my  real  “friends.”

      These two sentences stand out to me the most because I am currently going through that myself, which isn't always a bad thing either. Losing some people could be a gain for you.

    6. I enjoy playing basketball outside of school and at my high school.

      I enjoy playing a sport outside of school or high school season!

    7. At first basketball was a dedication now it’s a lifestyle .

      This stood out to me because it shows that no matter what, Basketball will always be a part of you. Having that type of love for a sport shows that you put your all into it.

    8. The one thing that I enjoy the most when I am outside of school is being around my family. In life all you have is your family because they will always be there to support you through anything.

      I can relate to J.D because when nobody has your back family does. Right, wrong or indifferent those are the only people who truly support every decision to make.

    9. English is always something I can go to when I feel like writing.

      I agree with you when you said this Ivana because when you write it's just a different way to express your feelings. Some people feel like writing more than talking to people. Im that kind of person. I'd rather write for myself to understand my own thoughts rather than others.

    10. I  love  sleeping  and  I  love  eating  pizza  and  wings.

      This sentence explains me , and I really relate to it. I love to watch football on sundays with my family and eat pizza and wings. I also love sleeping!

    11. I would say that I am good at English because I feel most of it’s attributes come naturally to me.

      Do you think that excelling in English is a talent? Do you believe that all common core classes correlate to talent?

    12. A big turning point in my life is when I entered high school, I came from a very small middle school and transferred to a big high school.

      In your opinion, do you think that bigger schools are better? How does it compare to a less densely populated school like your middle school?

    13. Something important that happened to me was when I started learning how to be around people and it had become a journey where I learned people.

      I can personally relate to this because I think that social development is crucial is human's lives and I used to be an introvert and because of that I saw life on the negative side.

    14. Go to college for it  and everything, but I then learned how to draw and started teaching myself and get better to the point where I could sell my work.

      I'm a big art nerd as well and I think I can sell my artwork but probably not much since my pieces are mediocre.

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    1. I do Drawing, Gaming, Woodworking, Jewelry Making, and Storytelling

      how cool! you are very productive.

    2. Greetings! My name is Epic J. Julian (Yes, Epic is actually my first name), I am a Junior (Even though students and staff keep thinking I’m a senior) at Rangeview High School in the beautiful but weather-unpredictable area of Aurora, Colorado

      Love the introduction!

    1. .Another fun fact I had a youtube in 6th grade but i thought that people could kidnap you so i deleted all my cool edited videos

      So funny

    2. .I like to play volleyball,but i didn’t try out for the school team.I also like homecoming week and this year i get to go to prom so i’m very excited.

      I can relate! It is going to be so much fun.

    3. Something big that happened to me was leaving my mom in Texas to come back to this boring box state

      Why didnt you stay with her?

    1. Something important to know about me is I truly love adventures.

      What kind of adventures do you like to go on?

    2. I do like meeting new people & getting that experience of having multiple friends.It’s hard for me to trust because growing up everyone I got close to always left me. I am still young & learning new things about myself everyday.

      I can completely relate to you.

    3. At my old school, I was a cheerleader

      become a cheerleader at RHS! you would do great.

  4. Jul 2017
    1. I am 14 years old.

      Your birthday must be coming up!

    2. Republic of Haiti.

      How old were you when you left Haiti to move to New York?

    1. Yeury, it sounds really difficult to be separated from your dad and grandmother. Do you speak to them via WhatsApp, Skype, or FaceTime?

      You say that you "have what I did not have in my native country". What is that? I'm interested to know specifically what you have in the United States that you did not have in the Dominican Republic.

  5. May 2016
    1. d cultures, a tragic loss for us all." While this fictional diary was based upon an actual journal, Litowinsky has stated her understanding of Columbus, and students must discover how realistic her position is

      I like this exercise for students to determine how realistic someones position especially on a controversial topic like Columbus

    2. Students may be able to recall facts, but how much do they really know about the people who helped shape history

      This is the deficit of rote learning where students memorize facts about history instead of an overarching purposeful way of learning and connecting the facts.

  6. Jan 2016
  7. Aug 2013
    1. 魏毅博士是哈佛大学的研究员和资深科学家. 他曾任哈佛大学的哈佛-MIT数据中心主任和哈佛大学定量社会科学研究所的首席技术总监. 拥有丰富的多学科领域的背景和经验. 他是特拉华大学海洋研究博士, 并在麻省理工学院作为博士后研究员. 后来,他曾任波士顿大学公共卫生学院的高级研究分析师. 然后 15 年在哈佛大学主持科研服务中心,与教授, 学生, 包括社会科学部门和研究中心的工作人员, 和国际问题研究中心的人员一起工作。他对社会科学, 全球文化, 和国际事务有浓厚的兴趣. 他建立并主持哈佛大学教职员工社团的“东西方论坛”, 并担任过波士顿地区最大的中国学校之一的董事会成员. 他还帮助和参与建立了一个非盈利性组织,旨在促进可持续的全球经济繁荣的创新, 教育, 和文化的交流。

      weiyi's bio