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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Thesmartwatch and smartphone applications are Android applications that are programmed to collect data fromthe embedded sensors, save the data locally on each device and offload them to the TOLIFE cloud database.

      dataflow to the TOLIFE cloud

    2. Smart One OXI device(MIR company)

      chosen spirometer

    3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

      chosen watch

    4. In particular, raw sensor data collected from thesmartwatch contains information related to patient sounds (microphone), sleep quality (accelerometers,gyroscopes, PPG 1 sensor), walking speed (accelerometer, GPS), heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability(HRV) (PPG sensor, electrodes); oxygen saturation (PPG sensor), physical activity (accelerometer, gyroscope,GPS), social interaction (microphone), daylight exposure (light sensor).

      Variables que recoge el smartwatch

    5. We have then selected non-invasive sensing devices that are ableto detect such COPD-related input/output patterns without or with minimal effort for the patient

      Intro to sensor section