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  1. Feb 2024
    1. for - Biden vote - Gen z factors - adjacency - 2024 U.S. elections - Trump vs Biden - Gen Z is an important demographic

      adjacency - between - 2024 U.S. elections - Trump vs Biden - Gen Z is an important demographic - adjacency statement - Gen Z can play a critical role in the 2024 U.S. elections. - Pro - they care about environment - Con - not many of them may bother voting - Challenge - reaching them with the right message

  2. Jan 2024
    1. “A second Trump term is game over for the climate — really!”

      for - quote - Michael Mann - quote - a Second Trump presidency - polycrisis - politics and climate crisis - climate mitigation strategy - voting in 2024 U.S. election - adjacency - Michael Mann - 2nd Trump presidency - exceeding planetary boundaries - exceeding 1.5 Deg C - Gen Z voting

      adjacency - between - Michael Mann - 2nd Trump presidency - exceeding planetary boundaries - exceeding 1.5 Deg C - Trump's presidency is existential threat to humanity - Gen Z voting - 2024 election - adjacency statement - Michael Mann's quote " A second Trump term is game over for the climate - really" applies to the 2024 election if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. - Trumps dismal environmental record in his 2016 to 2020 term speaks for itself. He would do something similiar in 2025 if he were the president. G - Given there are only 5 years and 172 days before we hit the dangerous threshold of burning through all the carbon budget for humanity, - https://climateclock.world/ - It is questionable whether Biden's government alone can do enough, but certainly if Trump won the 2024 election, his term in office would create a regression severe enough to put the Paris Climate goal of staying within 1.5 Deg C out of reach, and risk triggering major planetary tipping points - A Biden government is evidence-based and believes in anthropogenic climate change and is already taking measures to mitigate it. A Trump government is not evidence-based and is supported by incumbent fossil fuel industry so does not have the interest of the U.S. population nor all of humanity at heart. - Hence, the 2024 U.S. election can really determine the fate of humanity. - Gen Z can play a critical role for humanity by voting against a government that would, in leading climate scientists Michael Mann's words, be game over for a stable climate, and therefore put humanity and unimaginable risk. - Gen Z can swing the vote to a government willing to deal with the climate crisis over one in climate denial so voting activists need to be alerted to this and create the right messaging to reach Gen Z - https://hyp.is/LOud7sBBEe6S0D8itLHw1A/circle.tufts.edu/latest-research/41-million-members-gen-z-will-be-eligible-vote-2024

    1. In the next presidential election, 40.8 million members of Gen Z (ages 18-27 in 2024) will be eligible to vote,

      for - Gen Z influence on 2024 US election - Trump 2024 win - an existential threat to humanity - stats - Gen Z - 2024 U.S. election

      comment - Gen Z can play a role in determining the future of human civilization. How? Their vote in the upcoming 2024 U.S. election. If Donald Trump wins, it can pose an existential threat to human civilization - https://hyp.is/mwqwpsA-Ee6bAd9C2MLeKg/www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/trump-2024-presidency-climate-change-rcna131928

      stats - Gen Z - 2024 U.S. election

      • In the next presidential election, 40.8 million members of Gen Z (ages 18-27 in 2024) will be eligible to vote,
        • including 8.3 million newly eligible youth (ages 18-19 in 2024)
        • who will have aged into the electorate since the 2022 midterm election.
      • These young people have tremendous potential to
        • influence elections and to
        • spur action on issues they care about
      • if they are adequately reached and supported by parties, campaigns, and organizations.
  3. Jul 2023
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  6. May 2022
    1. With some extra work, you can download the entire text version of Moby-Dick from Project Gutenberg using Axios.

      ```js const axios = require('axios'); const epub = require('epub-gen');

      axios.get('http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2701/2701-0.txt'). then(res => res.data). then(text => { text = text.slice(text.indexOf('EXTRACTS.')); text = text.slice(text.indexOf('CHAPTER 1.'));

      const lines = text.split('\r\n');
      const content = [];
      for (let i = 0; i < lines.length; ++i) {
        const line = lines[i];
        if (line.startsWith('CHAPTER ')) {
          if (content.length) {
            content[content.length - 1].data = content[content.length - 1].data.join('\n');
            title: line,
            data: ['<h2>' + line + '</h2>']
        } else if (line.trim() === '') {
          if (content[content.length - 1].data.length > 1) {
            content[content.length - 1].data.push('</p>');
          content[content.length - 1].data.push('<p>');
        } else {
          content[content.length - 1].data.push(line);
      const options = {
        title: 'Moby-Dick',
        author: 'Herman Melville',
        output: './moby-dick.epub',
      return new epub(options).promise;

      }). then(() => console.log('Done')); ```

  7. Feb 2022
  8. Sep 2020
    1. The answer is that they were two different “Yahweh’s.”

      OK. I'm trying to work with this. I feel like I've been on the edge of revelation concerning this for quite a while.

      • Wouldn't the 1st encounter w/ a negative entity be in Genesis (Specifically because of all the killing and wars and Gen 6 account)
      • Was the serpent a negative entity????
  9. May 2020
    1. Already, the UK government appears to have undermined prior assurances that it won’t share the data it collects outside the NHS, suggesting other organizations might use the information for public health research in the future. This is something Apple and Google forbid for any app using their API, and another reason the UK has to build its app without the companies’ help.

      Privacy and Google

  10. Mar 2020
    1. The main difference between capitalism and socialism is the extent of government intervention in the economy.

      This is a great breakdown of both

  11. Nov 2019
    1. Using Technology to Help First-Gen Students

      This article highlights the need for and benefits of implementing more technology tools to support first-generation college students' learning, engagement, and success. For many first-gen students, especially those from low-income backgrounds, the transition to college can be challenging; this leads to lower retention rates, performance, and confidence. The authors, drawing off of research, suggest mobile devices and Web 2.0 technologies to prevent these challenges. Example of such tools include dictionary and annotation apps that are readily-accessible and aid in students' understanding of material. Fist-gen students can also use social media apps (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to maintain supportive connections with family, peers, and mentors. Rating: 8/10

  12. Oct 2019
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  14. Nov 2017
    1. the ability to connect the dots between people and ideas, where others see no possible connection. An informed perspective is more important than ever

      This points to the value of a broad based liberal education. One needs to see and understand the dots in order to make connections. "Informed perspective" suggests informed learning and info lit.

  15. Jun 2017
    1. they decided to develop OER horizontally by flipping entire gateway and general education courses open

      good way to get the most bang for the buck. Also puts OER on the radar for the most students, which could serve to increase demand.

  16. Jan 2017