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  1. Jul 2016
  2. Jun 2016
    1. Hangers


    2. Laths

      Thin, narrow strips of wood used to form a groundwork upon which to fasten the slates of a roof

    3. discover


    4. discover’d


    5. Stock

      The butt of a gun

    6. clapp’d


    7. Curlieu

      A bird with a long, curved bill.

    8. Supra-Cargo

      An official on a merchant ship responsible for overseeing the cargo and its sale.


      Alluding to Adam and Eve's consumption of the forbidden fruit, termed "original sin" in the Christian tradition.

    10. Pumps

      Heeled shoes

    11. glaz’d Powder

      The process of glazing involves tumbling the gunpowder grains in revolving drums with graphite, to smooth them and make them water resistant.

    12. Till

      Drawer, especially for holding money

    13. Succades

      Candied fruit

    14. Cordial Waters

      Medicinal concoctions

    15. Boltsprit

      Bowsprit; a large spar or beam extending forth from the front of a ship

    16. next


    17. found it

      Experienced these emotions

    18. wave

      Waive, set aside

    19. happy


    20. nicest

      Most careful

    21. But it was otherwise directed

      Providence decreed otherwise

    22. Strait

      Narrow opening

    23. Goat’s Tallow

      Made from mutton fat

    24. some wild-fire in the Pan

      Dry rags or some other fuel, to catch the spark from the flint.

    25. Tinder-box

      A box containing flint and steel for striking a light to make fire

    26. Converse

      Conversation or communication (of spirits with humans)

    27. chop’d upon them

      Happened upon them accidentally

    28. Disposition

      Arrangement or organization; setting forth

    29. Glasses


    30. Swan-shot

      Small lead pellets - so called, of course, because a fowling piece is ordinarily used to shoot birds

    31. Brace of Slugs

      A handful of musket balls

    32. Ambuscade


    33. had

      would have

    34. Design

      Plan or scheme

    35. Cutlashes

      Cutlasses (a sailor's sword with a curved blade)

    36. least


    37. distinguish’d

      Physically separated

    38. Cockpit

      Here alluding to the cockpit of a ship, or the part of the helm where the steering wheel is

    39. Prospective Glass

      A spyglass, or sailor's telescope

    40. Temper


    41. Application to my Maker

      Prayer or supplication

    42. Osier

      A variety of Eurasian willows

    43. start


    44. Chimera

      Monstrous imagining (more literally, a monster in Greek mythology, with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail)

    45. Chequer Work


    46. made

      Arrived at

    47. a Stone’s Cast

      A stone's throw, or a very short distance

    48. Magazine

      Supply or storehouse

    49. Squab

      A cushion forming part of the inside fittings of a carriage

    50. Muschatoes


    51. a large Pair of Mahometan Whiskers

      A long moustache, such as a Muslim man might have worn

    52. Moletta

      A variation of the word "mulatto," here used to refer to brown skin

    53. Frog

      A loop attached to a belt, designed to hold a sword or bayonet

    54. Thongs


    55. Spatter-dashes

      Long gaiters or leggings of leather, to keep boots and trousers from being spattered with mud

    56. Buskins

      Calf-high or knee-high boots

    57. Pantaloons

      Breeches or trousers

    58. crazy


    59. answer’d my End

      Served my purpose

    60. Forecast

      Crusoe's comical failure to anticipate that, the larger his enclosure is, the harder it will be to catch the goats inside

    61. Drills

      Small streams or rills

    62. Contrivance

      Foresight; planning or ingenuity

    63. Graplin


    64. Memorandum

      In Latin, literally "a thing which must be remembered"

    65. answer’d

      Served the need

    66. made shift

      Contrived (ie. a makeshift waistcoat)

    67. neither had they been wanting to me

      Neither had they failed

    68. flea

      To flay or skin them

    69. Want


    70. a Gross

      A square dozen, or 144 of something

    71. dress


    72. Fewel


    73. Declivity

      A downward slope, so that the boat might slide down into the water.

    74. Periagua

      A small, flat-bottomed Caribbean boat similar to a canoe, but with a sail.

    75. to rub it out

      To remove the seed from the husk

  3. May 2016
    1. Puddings

      In Britain, pudding can refer to a number of sweet and savory dishes, including desserts and various types of sausages made from entrails. Here, it refers to a sweetened bread.

    2. Search

      Searce; another word for a sieve

    3. against


    4. to raise Past

      To make pastry

    5. Pipkins

      Small earthenware pots

    6. bruised


    7. to my Mind

      To my liking

    8. Thrash

      Threshing, or the process of separating the seeds of corn from the husks

    9. Harrow

      A very large frame set with iron teeth that is dragged over arable land to break up clods of earth

    10. Peck-loaf

      A two-gallon loaf; Crusoe's crop is so small to begin with, that every grain the birds eat is a significant loss

    11. fain

      Eagerly, gladly

    12. Case-Bottles-Square

      A bottle with a square-shaped base, often used for gin

    13. Peck

      An imperial unit of dry volume, approximately 2 gallons

    14. Humiliation

      In this context, meaning humility, rather than embarrassment

    15. cast


    16. Meat

      Food generally, not necessarily restricted to animal's flesh

    17. 100 Weight

      An imperial hundredweight, or about 112 lb

    18. light


    19. above half a Hundred Weight

      More than 56 lb (a full hundredweight is 112 lb)

    20. Traffick

      Violent altercation

    21. Of which in its Place

      Crusoe will describe this predicament at greater length farther along in the narrative (i.e. "More about this later.")

    22. Chickens Meat

      Chicken's food; in this case, barley (referred to here sometimes as corn), which Crusoe realizes must have germinated and sprouted.

    23. Staves

      Wooden planks from which barrels are made.

    24. Cask to be hooped

      A typical wooden barrel, consisting of vertical wooden staves bound with lateral metal hoops.

    25. Runlet

      A roundlet, or, in wine-measure, a barrel holding about 48 gallons.

    26. jealous

      Fearful, apprehensive, or wary.

    27. Hodd

      An open receptacle for carrying mortar, bricks, stones, or coal.

    28. Iron Gudgeons

      The cylindrical shaft running through the center of a wheel, upon which it pivots.

    29. shoal


    30. overset


    31. Magazine


    32. Adze

      A tool like a pickax, with a blade at right angles to the handle.

    33. Works

      Some subsequent editions misread this word as the intransitive verb "to work," printing the line as "I set my self to enlarge my Cave, and work farther into the Earth." However, the first edition treats it as a noun.

    34. Iron Crows


  4. Mar 2016
    1. husbanded

      Economized or eked out, so they would last

    2. Popish


    3. 240 l.

      240 lb.

    4. tho’ had the Powder took fire, I had never known who had hurt me.

      Had the explosive gunpowder caught fire from the lightning, Crusoe would ironically not have survived the explosion to have suffered harm at the hands of man or beast.

    5. Semi-diameter


    6. Spritsail-yard, and the Missen-yard

      The cross-beams attached at right angles to the masts, from which the various sails hang

    7. Hawser

      A large rope used in warping or mooring a ship

    8. Hogshead of Bread

      A large cask, or a quantity sufficient to fill a hogshead

    9. Maggazin

      Here not referring exclusively to an arsenal of weaponry, but more generally to Crusoe's store of provisions.

    10. fain


    11. Iron Crows


    12. Grindstone

      A stone on which to sharpen stone tools

    13. Powder-horns

      A container for gunpowder, made from an ox or buffalo horn.

    14. Rack

      A kind of liqueur

    15. Cordial Waters

      Medicinal concoctions, often consisting of brandy or whiskey mixed with various spices.

    16. Skipper

      Master of the ship

    17. Application

      Ingenuity and determination (archaic usage)

    18. Forecastle

      The forward part of a ship below the main deck, usually the crew's living quarters.

    19. a Furlong

      One eighth of a mile, or 220 yards.

    20. two Shoes that were not Fellows

      did not comprise a single pair

    21. a League and a Half

      Approximately three and a half miles

    22. Coup de Grace

      Death blow

    23. a-stern of us

      Towards the rear of the boat

    24. under the Lee of the Land

      In such a position that the land intercepts the wind, so that it does not buffet the boat.

    25. Den wild Zee

      "The wild sea"

    26. stav’d

      The hull probably bashed in

    27. Calenture

      Feverish delirium prevalent in the tropics.

    28. straiten’d for


    29. Pounds Sterl.

      British pounds are also referred to as pounds sterling.

    30. Ducats

      A gold or silver trade coin, formerly current in most European countries.

    31. 80 Pieces of Eight

      Eighty Spanish dollars ("Pieces of eight" were so called because one was worth eight Spanish reales.)

    32. to a tittle

      Down to the smallest detail; to the highest degree

    33. Antient


    34. Antient and Pendants


    35. almost Musquet-bore

      "Bore" refers to the interior of the barrel of a gun, and the diameter of the bore determines the calibre. Crusoe's gun, then, is musket calibre.

    36. Slugs


    37. a Dram

      A small portion of a drink; a swig or sip.

    38. if any of our Vessels were in Chase of me, they also would now give over

      If any of his Master's men had tried to follow him, he was by now so far away that they would have given up.

    39. presented


    40. Fowling-pieces


    41. Twist


    42. Curlieus

      A wading bird of mottled brown color with a long, slender beak. [Insert picture of a curlew here.]

  5. Feb 2016
    1. gib’d

      Shifted from one side of the vessel to the other when running before the wind.

    2. Maresco


    3. Usage I had there

      Treatment I experienced there

    4. Broadside

      The battery of cannon located on the side of the ship; cannon fire.

    5. the Line

      The Equator

    6. Calenture

      Feverish delirium

    7. 300 l

      Three hundred British pounds.

    8. L. 5.9 Ounces

      5 lb, 9 oz.

    9. Adventure

      Quantity of capital or valuables

    10. 40 l.

      Forty pounds

    11. Mess-mate

      Person with whom one regularly takes meals.

    12. Fore-mast Man

      Common sailor

    13. if the Boat was stav’d upon Shore he would make it good to their Master

      If the boat was crushed or damaged while running aground, he would reimburse their master.

    1. Colliers

      Coal barges.

      (Shinagel 12; footnote 6)

    2. Boat-Swain

      Senior crew member.

    3. at all Adventures

      At the mercy of all risks/dangers.

    4. Steerage

      The lower deck of a ship, just below the main deck and above the ballast; lower classes of passengers often purchased cheaper tickets to travel in this part of the ship.

    5. Sheet Anchor

      A very large, heavy spare anchor stored in the waist of the ship, used in emergencies.

    6. come home

      Come loose.

    7. Forecastle in

      With the bow (the foremost part of the hull) in the water.

    8. rid

      Remained anchored; floated stationary.

    9. Ground-Tackle

      Equipment used to anchor a ship.

    10. inur’d

      Having grown accustomed to something unpleasant.

    11. Elopement

      Here merely the general action of fleeing, with no associations of secretive marriage.

    12. move


      (Shinagel 8, footnote 6)

    13. mechanick

      Relating to manual labor.

      (Shinagel 6, footnote 2)

    14. warmly

      Heatedly, vehemently; as opposed to affectionately.

    15. Design

      My intended purpose; but also with a possible foreshadowing of the way that the design of fate or Providence will play a role in Crusoe's life.

    16. dispatch’d

      That such books as this will be read quickly, so that the truth of the narrative has no bearing on its value as entertainment or instruction.

      (See Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe Ed. Michael Shinagel. (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1978), p. 3, footnote 1)

    17. viz.

      Abbreviation for Lat. videlicet, meaning here "namely."

  6. Dec 2015
    1. gunrest

      The picture doesn't show the round central 'gunrest' that Joyce implies, though the outer ring might more accurately have been called by that term. Image Description

  7. Nov 2015
    1. Торгоны зам

      I was wondering if there was a connection between the second word in төмөр зам meaning railway and road. Now I find the same morpheme in the word for silk road (title of this webpage). Cool.

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