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  1. Nov 2022
    1. ecause of global variability in the available resources to treat patients and local customsaffecting the criteria for hospital visits and admissions, there is substantial variability in reported ECOPD outcomes.(11)

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      • Halpin DMG, Rabe AP, Loke WJ, et al. Epidemiology, Healthcare Resource Utilization, and Mortality of Asthma and COPD in COVID-19: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analyses. J Asthma Allergy 2022; 15: 811-25
    1. Another limitation is that our study did not assess potentialmicrobiological pathogens that may have been associated withindividual exacerbations. It is tempting to speculate that suddenexacerbations may be those that are caused by infections (eitherviral or bacterial respiratory tract infections).



    1. Another potential limitation is thechanges in treatment of COPD over thestudy period.

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    1. Finally, the ECLIPSE study wasconducted in multiple countries, which may have dif-ferent policies for hospitalizations and may follow(slightly) different treatment strategies. To explore thispossibility, we analyzed the subset of data collectedfrom three countries contributing the majority ofpatients (United States, United Kingdom, and Norway)and did not find significant differences among thesecountries in incidence of hospitalized exacerbations(e-Table 2), suggesting that if anything, this effect islikely small.

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    2. On theother hand, we acknowledge that our results may notbe immediately generalizable to the entire primarycare population of patients with COPD because inour study, patients were recruited mainly from pulmo-nary clinics.

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    1. In COPD, physiological measurements have notproved to be able to predict deteriorations, eitherbecause they change late in the time course ofexacerbation, they cannot be measured reliably orbecause therapeutic interventions during the experi-ment alter the outcomes hindering the accuracy ofalgorithms. 17

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    1. The test set AUROC of 0.86 was relatively high,18–24 butour models may be of limited value for prediction ofsevere exacerbations due to high false positive rate

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    1. A 2017 systematic review of clinical prediction modelsfor COPD exacerbations found that only two models18,19 ofthe 27 reviewed reported on any external validation. Whenavailability of predictors and practical applicability werealso considered, none of the models were deemed readyfor clinical implementation.6

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