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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Each of Suining’s 1.1 million citizens older than 14 started out with 1,000 points, and points were added or deducted based on behavior. Taking care of elderly family members earned you 50 points. Helping the poor merited 10 points. Helping the poor in a way that was reported by the media: 15. A drunk driving conviction meant the loss of 50 points, as did bribing an official. After the points were tallied up, citizens were assigned grades of A, B, C, or D. Grade A citizens would be given priority for school admissions and employment, while D citizens would be denied licenses, permits, and access to some social services.

      Better than old way (secret record that impact on how people get permit, licenses, admissions, job, ... ). Now it is public.

    2. Individuals spied on their neighbors

      neighbors watch

    3. $3 I gave for feeding brown bear cubs qualifies me as a philanthropist or a cheapskate

      $3 ?!

    4. “If you have payment data, you can assess the credit of a person.”

      buy something good then

    1. still use the same shortcut

      blockchain store the link, not the data of art

    2. You couldn’t store the actual digital artwork in a blockchain

      first demo

  2. Mar 2021
    1. effectφito each feature

      effect of "parameters" to feature ?

    2. φi∈R

      what is this ?

    1. Chinese authorities had been harassing us constantly and demanding that we give up our passports

      don't you just invalidate passport ?

    2. I am still alive.

      you ran away

    3. orphan camp

      if they are not in 'orphan camp', who will raise them ?

    1. has not published detailed data from Phase 3 trials.

      Expensive because no data (?!) for Phase 3

    2. A major selling point was Sinopharm’s immense manufacturing capacity; it has said it can make up to 3 billion doses by the end of this year.

      Large Capacity but expensive.

  3. Feb 2021
    1. ABU

      just a score

    2. Exams are our attempt to sum up whole teenagehoods and render them as manageable labels – AAA, ACE, AAC.

      similar but much easier comparing to #gaokao

    3. His place at university went to somebody else in 2019.

      year, you need at least 3 Bs

    4. Mandarin


    5. dyslexia

      learning disorder

    6. A top university in London, UCL, offered him a place to study architecture as long as he could finish school with at least three Bs.

      a chance ?

    1. but so many books aren’t available electronically or cost too much for us to buy

      what about z-lib, scihub, github (people do upload pdf to github repo)

    2. Academics typically write, review and edit publications like journals and textbooks

      All you must remeber, Authors don't get paid.

    1. aren't well-educated

      good point

    2. 25$ to get a skin you need

      So if your income is 250$, then the skin cost 10% of income.

      Seem reasonable.

    3. random events (not official from Riot)

      lootbox ?

    4. no more stable prices


    5. boosted the skin price to 599 RP

      increase price to make it SPECIAL

    6. Wukong was a popular

      stat ?

    7. make the skin special

      Why ?

    8. took part in making Radiant Wukong skin

      an artist

    9. VN Riot Employee

      who is this ?

    1. you’re trans, if you’re black, if you’re female, if you’re nonbinary,

      no mention "MALE". What is this inequality ?

  4. Jan 2021
    1. Google’s search engine as the preselected choice on Apple’s iPhone and other devices

      What about DuckDuckGo ?

    1. betrayal — a waste of years of expensive school fees.

      12 years with cram school fee, 4 years of bachelor degree, 2 year of master, ... do you take PhD ?

    2. cram school textbook as a birthday present from her mother

      6 year-old >? can you even read ?

    1. Adam Vartanian
    2. When you are 13, every day feels like it has the potential to become momentous and significant. For me, GemStone III gave those days a whole new level of meaning.

      Sadly, nowaday MMORPG is so empty.

    3. The original GemStone debuted in 1987

      tell more about pricing please

    4. GemStone III launched 25 years ago on America Online (AOL)

      The article is written in 2020, so => 1995 for GemStone III, isn't it ?

    1. column ‘ratio’ where I did a scaled value of the positive_ratings / negative_ratings.

      steamdf['ratio'] = steamdf['positive_ratings']/steamdf['negative_ratings']

  5. Dec 2020
    1. a strong addiction

      oh what the fuck

    2. This is exactly where the poplar ritual of dispensing tranquilizing pills to the young girls in orphanage in 1950s is portrayed.

      well, feed pill to girl orphanage ?

    1. Problem-solving skills are bound to elevate if one plays chess on a regular basis

      chess is good

    2. diver the children towards aggression and tend to take them far from the reality


    1. a comprehensive and easy-to-follow video course explaining how to set up and run a blog on WordPress using the Divi theme

      link please

    2. Over the course of this project,

      link please ?

    3. “how can we maximize the time users spend with our content”

      So, rather than save reader time by "compress" the information, allowing user can read as much information as possible in shortest time as possible, author may choice to let user wasting a lot of their time.

    4. The more actual time users spend with the content, the more the creator will make.

      what about AFK >?

    5. better sales and marketing skills, rather than who has the better content to offer

      Good point. So most of subscription payment go to marketing and sale rather than content.

      The example cases are mobile game. Ton of cash send into marketing and drive install, while the game itself is crappy.

    1. All the stuff that makes up my mobile working station

      Laptop, keyboard, mouse, charging cab for phone.

      What is the white stick >?

    2. electronics

      what do you have ?

    1. little data exists on how well they can stop the spread

      Can vaccinated people infected and spread without getting sick ?

    1. clamp is similar to a protein on HIV, which can lead the immune system to make HIV-like antibodies

      did they really infect HIV ?

    2. some volunteers were getting positive tests for HIV

      wtf is this shit ? how ?

    1. As written, the law is not supposed to be retroactive

      cannot digging the grave, isn't ?

    2. pushed other countries to punish China for its erosion of freedoms in Hong Kong.

      clearly a traitor

    3. Hong Kong’s national security law


    1. universities shouldn’t hire female faculty

      ohj hsit

    2. So, it may seem pragmatic to avoid coauthoring too much with women.

      as long as co-author output a paper, I would happy so. No problem.

    3. a machine-learning approach to discern gender based on authors’ first names

      predict gender based on name ? So, let avoid men with women-like name so you don't hurt you career.

    4. working with senior women coauthors is perhaps best avoided

      Why ? Did people check on gender of author ?

    5. having women as mentors is harmful to their mentees’ long-term citation rates

      I don't check gender of author when I cited. Does people check ?

      If the author is female and you don't cite ?

      wtf is this mindset ?

    1. up to 1 metre (3 ft) wide, reaching 8 metres (26 ft) in height

      big mushroom

    1. You don’t even have the legal right to leave the property

      although you rent the land, you can't leave

    2. combine your oxen into teams

      communism tried that model, not working very well

    3. rented

      so does now

    4. poor European farmer

      most population is farmer, isn't it ? any citation ?

    1. 6 hours a week of class time, plus preparation and grading

      PhD also teacher

    2. 20 hours a week of assistantship or lab time

      for hard cash

    3. 40 hours a week of reading and classwork

      is reading count as working or personal time ?

    4. There is no sliding by unnoticed in a PhD program.


  6. Nov 2020
    1. nearly 45 percent of pornography site URLs “expose or strongly suggest the site content”

      zoooooooo tube, for example ?

    1. Young Hwan, who worked for North Korea’s ministry of foreign affairs from 1978 until he defected, in 1991


    2. agents of the North Korean government have been ordered to kill Adrian and other members of the group.

      Good to have bounty on your own head

    3. The day will soon come when North Koreans are finally free

      Yes they are already free from capitalism and evil western thought.

    4. narcissism

      "Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealized self image and attributes" - by wiki

    5. convince governments

      unless you are the politician yourself

    6. Raising awareness

      you raise wrong person, because it is like propaganda

    7. Rescuing refugees

      better than nothing

    8. discuss North Korea’s human-rights abuses,

      when to nuke ?

    9. The people of North Korea suffer under constant surveillance and face the daily threat of imprisonment, torture, sexual abuse, and execution—and it’s been this way since 1948.

      More talk, what can be done ? Nuke Kim out of his misery ?

    10. “The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world.”

      then what can be done ?

    11. based on my reporting while living undercover in Pyongyang for six months, in a locked compound with two hundred and seventy North Korean young men who make up the country’s future leadership.


    1. where academic researchers estimate the Chinese government has placed more than 1 million people into internment camps

      citation ?

    1. 5 g per kg per day.

      people 50kg, so it be 5*50 = 250g per day

    1. Anaconda Dividend gives us a way to do this

      give a way for Anaconda to justify pricing 15$ per month

    2. single-user subscriptions are just $15/month

      so, just buy single subscriptions for whole team should work

    1. since youtube-dl could be used to download music owned by RIAA-member labels, no one should be able to use the tool, even for completely lawful purposes.

      citation ?

    1. “Netflix có nhiều nội dung vi phạm pháp luật Việt Nam”

      nên cấm netflix để Zing TV có cơ hội phát triển

    2. Cụ thể phản ánh sai trái lịch sử như loạt phim về chiến tranh Việt Nam

      The Vietnam War

    1. prophet Mohammed’s relatives

      f*ck Mohammed

    2. guilty of blasphemy after he was arrested last month in Medina while on a pilgrimage

      Blasphemy while on Pilgrimage ?

    1. sue a hospital for turning his father away during the epidemic

      In Chinese ?

    2. it also erases all the pain that people experienced

      good, paradise

    3. worried the official narrative would prevent a true accounting of the crisis

      wut ?

  7. Oct 2020
    1. the DOJ referenced Google’s search agreement with Mozilla as one example of Google’s monopolization of the search engine market in the United States.

      Why Mozilla not use DuckDuckGo

    1. Hive tables
    2. Bucketing is a concept that came from Hive.

      Does it require install anything apart from spark ("Hive" ?) to use bucketing ?

    3. SQL refactoring

      Make it 2 step:

      1. Aggregating daily deltas data into unique key
      2. Joining "daily" dataset with "base" dataset
    4. Bucketing
    5. The first approach

      useful with skew data.

    6. pre-aggregating data by parts

      what is this ?

    7. Increasing the number of partitions means also reducing the size of each shuffle part.

      Is it reduce harm cause by Shuffle ?

    8. counters

      just a counter ?!

    1. largely driven by teachers and students reading texts together

      What about free/casual researcher ? Can they participate without LMS ?

    1. tặng ông 200 triệu đồng (thay vì 10 triệu đồng như các hộ dân khác)

      vậy có trao 200 triệu cho mỗi người nợ hơn 200 triệu không ?

    1. bắn đạn cao su, hơi cay

      éo phải súng bắn đạn thật

    2. Đe dọa giết người, theo khoản 1 điều 133 Bộ luật Hình sự 2015


    3. phạt 18 tháng tù do giơ súng doạ tài xế


    1. We required better graphics, better optimization, more story, and more satisfying gameplay systems

      So basically you drop Portia because the project suck and want start again.

    1. writing documentation forced me to deeply understand not just what the code does but also why the code works the way it does


    1. Tell us more about yourself and what you are into!

      id: hahattpro VIP pass: mobilism0000

    1. quietly dial down pay

      why invest to make algorithm if it does not profit company ?

    2. can be tweaked and lowered at any time without announcement or warning to workers

      You can reduce income of worker without said so. You can temp lay off work (i.e: reduce work, thus reduce income).

      Why pay for worker when you don't have work for them ?

  8. citeseerx.ist.psu.edu citeseerx.ist.psu.edu
    1. drivers quit when they hit a daily income target,


    1. if every job requires at least a year’s experience, how do you get the experience in the first place?


    2. being creative with my experiments

      "Fake it" until you make it (or never)

    3. is now around 150 days

      So you can have 2 paper per year, right .

    4. academic journals

      paper in "non-trash" Journals

    5. need a publication

      a paper

    6. reviewing papers

      Volunteer (and unpaid) job for conference, journal that charge heavy subscription fee and publishing fee.

    7. public engagement and outreach

      scientist and researcher have to do PR for their salary :v

    1. The €9,500 publishing fee is high

      who was paid, and who is paying ?

    2. 60% of editors’ time is spent on assessing manuscripts they don’t publish

      I think volunteer reviewer accept/reject manuscripts before paid editors do something. So editors only work on accept manuscript.

    3. open-access (OA)

      why pay extra for open access when we can always sci-hub ?

    4. article price is unprecedented

      11200$ ?

    1. long-running logic

      independently of the lifetime of any particular web page or browser window

    1. openly racist and violent policies on Black, Brown, Indigenous people, targeting LGBQTIA individuals and women

      if the black become dominate (i.e: get rich, get strong, make slave of the white) in history, then now the white are suffer, not the black. Do people think of alternative history ?

    1. spend more for a relatively inexpensive, readily available product


    2. pay a per-unit fee


    3. buy the product


    4. having coffee available in single servings was somehow superior


    5. buy the coffeemaker, and then buy its branded single-serving K-Cup pods of coffee separately


    1. left


    2. causes the analog sticks on the controllers to randomly move around and input commands to the console, even when they’re not being physically moved.


  9. Sep 2020
    1. no donations received for 5 months

      only accept bitcoin ?

  10. Aug 2020
    1. test the uniqueness, completeness, and distinctness of features (Deequ);

      we need this stuff

    2. AWS Deequ

      work with Apache Spark

    3. a low latency online feature store (typically a key-value store or real-time database) and a scale-out SQL database to store large volumes of feature data for training and batch applications.

      -key-value -sql

    4. provide low latency access to features for online applications


  11. thanhnien.vn thanhnien.vn