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  1. Mar 2018
    1. with historical context about the situation itsel


    2. travel and how the LGBT communtiy takes into consideration different ideals.

      What does this mean?

    3. research I may be able to utilize a pathos approach while informing my reader.


    4. happened

      It was luck?

    5. this letter captured my attention it may not fully correspond with my research.

      The question is ... who could use this in their research and why/when might they want to?

    6. inst HIV.” Post-Courier (Papua New Guinea), by By MAUREENGERAWA-TEXT-A SPECIAL HIV Fiji Ministry of Health. Newspaper Source, ezproxy.gsu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebsc

      This isn't MLA formatted citation. Do you see where this citation (engine-generated, right?) differs from the format requested in the guidelines?

    7. from utilizing it f


    8. cultural festivals are taking arms in the fight against the stigma of HIV and continuing current traditional festivitie

      What kinds of evidence?

    1. I sanguinely wish that by applying the teachings of these separate articles, I will be capable of transfiguring my blog into a more welcoming site that is effortlessly coherent.

      Wow there is a lot going on in these final clauses. It seems like you're still working out in your mind what "multimodality" is? You figure it's present in both articles, in content and in action? But you're not sure how? The authors of the Ball text also distinguish between media and mode. What do you think about this distinction?

    2. re-establish the existence

      Did they disappear at some point? What do you mean by this?

  2. Feb 2018
    1. tachment to Jamaica was what diverted my attention to Jamaica and the tremendous levels of homophobia that transpires there

      Interesting! This would be an interesting cultural group to focus on.

    2.    Ruth C White, the lead researcher in this study, has received her Ph.D., MSW, and MPH, is proactive in the mental health community and is a Clinical Associate Professor. Dr. White and her colleague Robert Carr declare that homophobia is a vital catalyst for the preju

      one sentence pls

    3. urce coincides with the other Mardi Gras related article I discovered and

      how? how do you envision these statistics helping inform your idea about the culture embodied in the quilt panel?

    4. at this might not be a source that could be employed for practical uses.

      Is this more like a primary source?? If it is, choose to replace it

    5. s website would be of great help for those LGBTQ youth needing aid or health services and others who wish to learn about First City Network.

      yes but how might researchers use it?

    6. First City Network

      what is this group? https://firstcitynetwork.org/

    7. most momentous steps in gat

      SWEET ! Nice connections! Is the sports community what you're researching?

    8. Bull provides various interviews from former athletes, for instance, Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis who recounts his experiences dealing with the stigma associated with HIV and homosexuality. Steve Mathis, former pitcher for the Macon Braves, a minor team associated with the Atlanta Braves, also shares the adversities he faced while being playing for the Braves.

      can you make this one sentence?

    9. LGBTQ website “Q-Digital”, in this article he iterates the differing mentality that athletes in the LGBTQ community and who are afflicted with AIDS hold.

      can you take words out to make this not a run-on sentence?

    10. scholars, researchers, and scientists

      what kind?

    1. oting specifi

      This is interesting information, but ti doesn't belong on this page. This page needs to be dedicated to JUST a "thick description" of the panel. What will you do with the resT?

    2. Dedicated

      Why include this information down here? It's not describing the panel. What is it doing and where might it be more useful? To whom and why?

    3. Mr. Fulkerson manages to have himself omitted from a significant amount of internet content.

      What does this mean? There was very little internet use in the 1980s. Remember, you are not here to research Tony Fulkerson and create a biography for him.

    4. The significance that all these various symbols and meanings when placed together on the same palette can all be left as conjecture for the time being.

      Do you need this here? Might it be more effective somewhere else?

    5. would

      why 'would'?

    6. Whoever weaved this quilt was able to have all the t-shirts fused to the quilt while also allowing them to be level in appearance, coinciding with one another.

      Is this pure objective description or something else?

    7. creator makes sure to keep the t-shirt and imagery intact


    8. plethora

      Is this objective description?

    9. nd Mr. Roddy

      Who is this? Remember your reader doesn't know this information.

    10. average dimensions which one would expect from a quilt of this nature

      Aren't all panels the same dimensions? And are those symbolic?

    11. vary in appeal as well as content

      Is this necessary? What purpose does it serve?

    12. presented is one

      which panel? presented where? A full intro needed.

    1. What does one do when they are not sure whether they have received the right connotations from that artifact? If artifacts bear specific aspects that have a meaningful story, how would one account for different perspectives?

      Great questions!

    2. I hope in the near future that I will able to prove my understanding of this idea by being able to simply hold an item or examine an area and deduce its significance

      How does Woodman's text affect how you think about this?

    3. effect they may have on a culture and individual

      Interesting... So objects don't only reflect culture they simultaneously affect it? This might be itneresting to write about for your analysis.