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  1. Nov 2020
  2. Apr 2020
    1. American people have been so disciplined. It’s been my honor to be their president. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’ll say it always. It’s been my great honor to have been their president and I have a big decision coming up, and I only hope to God that it’s the right decision, but it’ll be based on the input from a lot of very talented people, very smart people, and people that love our country. Thank you all very much. Thank you.

      This is Trump's speech Shepard Ambellas refers to 01:07:01 of The Return of Planet X – with Special Guest Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub.com by Jason Goodman & Shepard Ambellas.

    1. The new technology, outlined in white papers published by Apple and Google on Friday, relies on Bluetooth wireless radio technology to help phones communicate with one another, ultimately warning users about people they’ve come in contact with who are infected with the coronavirus.

      Shouldn't the title be "Big Brother Boosted: Apple & Google..."?

      Is there a bigger boost to Big Brother than its Google and Apple - some of Big Brother's staunchest and biggest corporate minions - deploying a mobile app to spy on its users under the guise of protection against #ChineseViRuse?

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    1. Things are getting serious. The Coronavirus will pass but losing our freedom is something that we will regret. The criminals are being released from prison and being replaced with peaceful, law-abiding citizens who dare go outside. A 33-year-old Colorado man was handcuffed in front of his wife and 6-year-old daughter for allegedly violating a social distancing order.
    1. The top virologist on the planet confirmed that chloroquine was being used by the Chinese with spectacular results to cure patients, then he improved his magic potion by adding a pneumonic antibacterial called azythromicin, and saved everyone of his first 1000 cases, but one. Donald Trump immediately imposed the same treatment through a fight against his own Federal Drug Administration, bought and owned by the deep state. This forced all medias to talk about Dr Didier Raoult’s Miracle Elixir, signing the death warrant on our confidence in all Western governments, their medical agencies, the World Health Organization, and medias that were trying to destroy the impeccable doctor’s reputation, while inventing sudden «dangerous side effects» of a nearly inoffensive drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria.
    2. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.
    3. Not so far away in Germany, internationally praised Dr Wolfgand Wodarg noted that the engineered panic was totally useless, since this virus isn’t any different than the others that affect us every years. This has been an amazing victory for Trump and the general population on social medias, whom exposed together the pathological lies of the official communication channels of every New World Order country.
    4. The New World Order is facing the two most powerful countries on the planet, and this fake pandemic changed everything. It showed how desperate the banksters are, and if we don’t want to end up with nuclear warheads flying in both directions, Putin and Trump have to stop them now.