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  1. Jan 2023
    1. When you’re watching a show like Gaslit or The Crown, you are supposed to accept that the story is true in a broad sense, not a specific one. You are not meant to question the difference between nonfiction and a story that’s been “lightly” fictionalized. And you are definitely not supposed to be on Wikipedia, trying to cross-reference the real history against the one you’re seeing on Starz.
  2. Sep 2016
  3. Jul 2016
    1. Much of these new “learn to code” efforts are about inserting computer science into the pre-existing school curriculum.
  4. Jun 2016
    1. many jobs that have come to require college degrees, ranging from retail manager to administrative assistant, haven’t generally gotten harder for the less educated to perform.
  5. Mar 2016
  6. Feb 2016
    1. Living in cities like Beijing and Delhi is comparable to smoking over 30 cigarettes a day

      This claim lacks citation or calculation. If, as is more often assumed, microparticles (PM2.5) are the main culprit in air pollution, the claim sounds hugely exaggerated. Even with beyond-index pollution records of almost \(1mg/m^3\) in Beijing (see e.g. Wikipedia), total microparticle (PM2.5) intake would be: $$15,000 liter/day * 1mg/1000liter = 15mg/day$$ This would be a bit more than one cigarette per day, not 30.

      See this post or this Q/A for more elaborate discussions on this question.

  7. Jan 2016
  8. Nov 2015
    1. Bron: EVO & TLN

      Specifieke bron? Zo te zien tabel 3 uit dit rapport. Dat rapport berekent een de schade gebaseerd op schatting van het aantal voertuigverliesuren van vrachtverkeer, maal €42,92 per uur als 'value-of-time' (genomen uit een ongespecificeerde bron van het KiM).

  9. Oct 2015
  10. Jul 2015