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  1. Jan 2018
    1. Haltman Annotations

      • Prownian analysis?

      • "finding value in particular historical interpretations proposed by teapot ... students will find value in learning from the models..." this makes me think. Is this Prownian analysis. is this what makes writing better

      • objects are like a physical piece of history, so this is kind of where the material culture term relates. We have to try to understand this

      • we have to seek their cultural significance. In The secret to good writing, it was also brought up how objects mean so much more and have so much significance. I believe that is a way these are connected.

      • It was stated also in The secret to good writing that all abstract ideas come from objects. that is another connection to understand.

      • it is important to observe the object, pay careful attention to its aspects, be attentive for detail but keep an eye on the "big picture" .. this is a great point and will help with future writing. Observe closely and think deeply

      • engage with the object on an intense and intellectually level? its more than describing an object

      • prownian analysis .. a way of reading history?

      • "We see articulation and deduce patterns of use; we see interaction and deduce relationship; we see expression and deduce reception" this is a bit confusing to understand. in other words does it mean to break down and evaluate.

      • "Material culture begins with a world of objects but takes place in a world of words." this quote is relatable to the main idea of the secret of good writing I believe objects are the foundation for all abstract ideas

      • The Prownian analysis process great if needed to look deeper into an object.

      • Haltman makes me think of what was stated by Tyre in her article the secret to good writing she stated that "Student papers are often unreadable not only because their grammar is bad and their sentences incomplete, but also because they are way, way too abstract."

      • The two articles relate yet they are different. I feel the composition is different yet the concepts are similar.

      • Both articles relate to ways to improve writing and open the mind to new ideas about how to approach writing about a particular thing or object.