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  1. Mar 2018
    1. A text should be composed so that readers with limited vision, hearing, or touch-among other possible differ­ences within an audience-can still inter­act with the text. For instance, imagine that you're filming someone who speaks American Sign Language-would you film the person from the shoulders up, cutting their hands from the shot? No!

      No living individual is born the same. We all have different characteristics that make us who we are. The great thing about multimodality is that it targets different senses and needs that allows every individual to gain access to a certain topic but through different forms.

    2. The 111e,li11111 is the way in which your text reaches your audi­ence.

      The medium in the article, "Deaf Community Outraged After Interpreter Signed Gibberish Before Irma," is reached through criticism from the public regarding the amateur claiming to know sign language. The medium in this case is an online commentary post regarding the entire issue.

    3. ·1 he gestural mode refers to the way movement, such as body lan­guage, can make meaning. When we Interact with people in real lifeor watch them on-screen, we can tell a lot about how they are feel­ing and what they arc trying to communicate.

      Gestural mode is the most important claim in identifying how sign language and the article correlate in being a multimodal piece of work. The interpreter in the video is using hand gestures to communicate to the deaf community that is watching the press conference.

    4. The spatial mode is about physical arrangement.

      Spatial mode does not fully relate to my supplemental text but the layout of the article is indeed spatial. The format in which the video was placed at the very top, while the written text was followed below it illustrates as to how the article is multimodal.

    5. Whether we are talking abouta speech, a video demonstration, sound effects on a Web site, or the audio elements of a radio program, the aural mode provides multiple ways of communicating and understanding a message,including: • music•sound effects•ambient noise/sounds•silence•tone of voice in spoken language•volume of sound•emphasis and accent

      The short video of the press conference relating to hurricane Irma is an example of aural mode. The video consists of volume of sounds, tone of voice in spoken language and more.

    6. The aural mode focuses on sound.

      People that communicate with sign language primarily focus on hand gesture, but they often make noises too. Even though, the noises are not actual words, they are sounds.

    7. The visual mode refers to the use of images and other characteris­tics that readers sec. Billboards, flyers, television, Web sites, lighted advertising displays, even grocery store shelves bombard us with visual information in an effort to attract our attention. We can U'ie this mode to communicate representations of how something look'> or how someone is feeling, to instruct, to persuade, and to entertain, among other things.

      Although, sign language doesn't really deal with images or artistic structures it does deal with how a person feels and how it represents a person. Because people who use sign language cannot talk, they represent how they are feeling through their hand gestures in which others can see what is being said. So it isn't directly related to the definition, but indirectly visual mode has some components on how sign language is used.

    8. They are all multimodal.

      The supplemental text I chose to use is "Deaf Community Outraged After Interpreter Signed Gibberish Before Irma" because sign language is a way to communicate and get information across to individuals. Sign language is specifically a combination of visual, aural, and gestural mode.

    9. The linguistic mode and the ability to use it carefully matter verymuch in contemporary communication.

      The feedback from outraged individuals regarding the botched use of sign language from the amateur illustrated use of linguistic mode. The viewers expressed the danger the amateur could have posed on the deaf community with his unrelated use of words from what was actually being said.

    10. The linguistic mode refers to the use of language, which usuallymeans written or spoken words.

      Typically, any news channel on tv have very important information to deliver to the viewers. The structure of the words, the delivery of the information is key on getting the message across. For example, the news coverage on hurricane Irma, during a press conference, exhibited linguistic mode.

    11. M11/timoda/ describes how we combine multiple different ways of communicating in everyday life.

      Every living species has a distinct way of communicating with one another. Both animals and humans range of communicating is beyond anyones reach to comprehend. One specific method used in communicating among the deaf community, is using sign language. Sign language is multimodal because it is a way for people to interact and get information from one person to another on a daily basis.