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  1. Apr 2015
    1. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I believe that receiving a high school diploma is extremely important in order to be as successful as possible in the future. Without a high school diploma, people aren't able to go to college. College is what possible employers focus on, and therefore the best job able to get without a high school diploma is extremely low paying while the opposite applies to someone who graduates from high school and college.

    2. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      This is a very significant because throughout the article, the idea that high school diplomas are immensely important for one's success is stressed greatly. This sentence serves to show that although many would want to recieve their diploma, they may see no possible use to this diploma if they already experience financial problems. Even with a diploma, the article seems to imply that there is a small use in a high school diploma if one does not also go to college. I also agree with this, although high school diplomas are the first step towards attending college.

    3. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      A high school diploma means a lot. It symbolizes a destination of success. It is the reward of the perseverance and hard work you put into education and how much you care for your future. A high school diploma represents a point in your journey that shines the most. It makes you very content.