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  1. Jul 2020
    1. "Several studies have demonstrated pronounced benefits for black children with same-race teachers, ranging from better math performance to higher graduation rates," Lillian Mongueu May 12, 2017. This is important for people to understand because in an environment where children feel safe and welcomed, they will thrive. When a child feels unsafe, which minority children occasionally feel, it's harder to thrive and grow.

      The end of zero policy needs to happen, due to the prison to school pipeline.As suspension is becoming less of an option, more schools are moving straight to expulsion. The article The School to Prison pipeline, Explained by Libby Nelson & Dara Lind says that, " in many cases, schools themselves are the ones pushing students into the juvenile justice system — often by having students arrested at school." I had previously seen this at my high school, so I understood this as an all to real situation.

      “Ultimately, I want the kids to walk away with new eyes, to have a different perspective and appreciation for the uniqueness that is America. I want them to better understand the world that we live in,” says Joe Gamble, a high school teacher who has incorporated ethnic studies in his classroom. It is important for children to learn from all backgrounds, not just the versions in textbooks that have been written by the winners. People need to know and learn about history, because it is said if one doesn't learn, history will repeat itself.