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  1. Oct 2015
    1. They need more-- a fuller context, understanding or build-out as to where the art comes from, what inspired it, why it exists or where it's going

      Making a art work needs to be inspired by something and needs to be where it comes from.

    2. The process is not about repetition at all, but rather about being able to explore, investigate, examine or address particular ideas, themes, issues, compositions, concepts or topics in progressively deeper and more meaningful ways, and from a richer variety of perspectives than is possible by making just one or two.

      Artists have to make their art work be able to make the people looking at the art work and explore the things that are going on in the art work that was created.

    3. Many artists aren't fully aware of the advantages to creating multiple works of art around the same idea, theme, philosophy, concept, topic or subject matter.

      Artists creates many things but may be the same idea or a theme that allows them to create art works that people like to see. Also allows them to draw new art works.