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  1. Apr 2018
    1. “Visit with understanding and something almost tender those fading legends that come and go in this plaza like songs not clearly remembered,” Esmeralda said. “Oh, sometime and somewhere, let there be something to mean the word ‘honor’ again.”

      With this direct quote, this could be considered the use of a linguistic mode because it was taken directly from Esmeralda to understand the feeling they had felt

    2. That spoke to the dancers because an ending is also the starting point of a new journey. “A terminus is an intersection and meeting point of ideas,” said Lee. “It’s people coming together to create something new. And that’s us.”

      Looking through a linguistic mode point of view one could say that the word terminus has a definition with a meaning that was special to the group. Reasons why they chose that name for the group.


      This article is organized almost like a timeline which would be categorized as linguistic and spatial modes. Here they marked this moment in time with the exact date and name of location. In the body of this section they elaborate on the importance of the location.

    4. “We were talking in the wee hours about things that we value, not just in the art, but in the leadership,” said Van Buskirk. “And we recognized we all had the same thoughts.”

      Gestural mode is when you see the connection that is made between people through movements or body language. With the connection that they have here, they are able to relate, communicate and compromise to one main gaol.

    5. where the five dancers planned and plotted strategy for their new dance company

      In a multimodal project, in order to have a nicely evaluated finished product you must plan everything out. This is considered spatial mode in a multimodal project. Likewise, for Terminus, in order to become a successful dance company, they need to plan and strategize accordingly to figure out how everything is going to work out.

    6. ohn Welker (Photo by Joseph Guay/Terminus.)

      This picture is an example of multimodal because it attracts the attention of the audience with it's dramatic black and white editing. This would be an example of visual mode. This in particular is a picture of John Welker looking off into the distance. The same thing has been done for every member of the group and is displayed throughout the article.

    7. First, there’s the star power of their five company dancers — perhaps the most recognizable faces in the Atlanta dance community from their tenures at Atlanta Ballet.

      Multimodal projects get their supporting details from other sources to make their purpose or claim better. Similarly, the Terminus is made up of gathered dancers from the Atlanta dance community coming together to make an even better dance group.

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      With this annotation, this is referring to the video that is provided in the beginning of this article. This video was a great way to engage the audiences really quick. With it being the first thing to view after reading the title, it made it seem more entertaining, informational and was a great introduction to what the article was going to elaborate on. This would be considered as a aural mode or a gestural mode.

    9. Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre.

      This would be considered multimodal because it is a redirection to another link . This new link informs the reader and elaborates on the topic of the Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre. This would be consider to be either a linguistic mode, spatial mode or a combination of the two. Linguistic because it develops on the idea of what Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre is and spatial because these words were arranged to be hyperlinked opening up a new page for further information.

    10. The inside story of Terminus, the new dance company by five ex-Atlanta Ballet dancers

      This is the link to the article " What are Multimodal Projects?" that I will be finding connections to.

  2. Feb 2018
    1. Analysis should digest, develop, and present perceptions generated from these exercises, but differ from them in being structured by an argument, a clearly-worded claim defended though detailed references to both the object (entailing passages of description and deduction) and its context (entailing some citation of sources, primary and secondary, as well as figures and notes).

      When analyzing a document, one should not put in any opinionated thoughts. In a document one must keep in mind of all the different perspectives it can be viewed in and observe the many outcomes it brings. With the machete article, many can view the machete as either a tool and many others thought it could be considered a weapon. The different perspectives and thought processes of this are what create the conversation and curiosity going.

    2. Because the method places value on the interpreter's own input, it requires "active learning”-the system absolutely cannot work without it. Students engaged inthis process also confront their ownpoint-of-view as discrete, distinguishable, and constructed.

      With the Prownian analysis I was able to deconstruct the machete article and pick out main ideas and important points. Without the Prownian analysis, I wouldn't be able to understand or connect with the article as well and it would considered more of a casual reading rather than an in depth analyzation.

    3. lthough your annotated bibliography need list no more than a handful of references at this point, these should represent the range of your inquiry.

      It is mandatory to cite all resources used when making any references or quoting from someone else's work. Plagiarism is a dangerous act and if one were to be caught many serious consequences would happen. If i were to make a reference to the machete article, I would have to put the words I used in quotation marks as well as the authors last name in parenthesis.

    4. Technically accurate language (nominative, for the most part) plays an important role in this, but ultimately not the most important role which is reserved, perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively, to descriptive modifiers (adjectives) and, most crucially, to terms expressive of the dynamics of interrelation (verbs, adverbs, prepositions). Only active verbs and descriptive prose cast in an active voice serve to establish cause and agency. As a means to this end, avoiding the verb to be (in all its forms: is, are, there is, there are) will help to make visible thematically-charged spatial and functional complexities otherwise flattened or obscured.

      This amazes me because I would have never think of a description like this. With the English language you can go in depth by adding descriptive modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs and from their create sentences that engage the reader.

    5. attention not just to whatthey might be said to signify but, as importantly, to how they might be said to signify;

      A word or a phrase can have more than one meaning to them. One word to one person could mean something the total opposite to another person. In order to know which definition is correct in the context you must know what you are working with. With a machete people don't know what to consider it as. But what they should look at first is what are the circumstances of the person in possession of the machete in is. After one analyzes that one could determine its's definition as a weapon or tool.

    6. students will find value principally in learning from the models that these readings offer of how such interpretation can be carried Öut.

      As students, we learn all the time and take in as much as we can so we are more knowledgable. So, by having a guide to tell us step by step on how to do something, it gets us into the practice and then sooner than later we will be able to use these processes without even realizing it. Same as for using a machete. We really don't think of how it's going to be used.We kind of do it out of muscle memory.

    7. At the crux of this book, underlying each contribution and informing the collective enterprise, lies a shared concern with the articulation of historical significance and its production. What questions are most fruitful to ask in one's work with an object and how might one best go about asking them?

      When annotating an article we have to observe every little detail and break down what the writing is trying to say in between the lines. By doing this technique when reading the machete article, I was able to make the reading better to understand. A shared concern that was part of the machete article was determining if it was considered a tool or not.

  3. Jan 2018
    1. However, one thing remains constant: those who use it as a tool in their daily lives are also the most likely to turn to it as a weapon, because it is often the only option available to the slave, the peasant, or the proletariat within the agricultural regions of the tropics.

      People who use machetes more often know the way around a machete and how it's used. As it is claimed to be use for agricultural reasons, many of the people who use this tool tend to be the ones who can quickly switch it up and turn it to a weapon. It makes sense because they are the ones who are using the machete most often so when in danger they can use it as a weapon.

    2. Indeed, machetes are unique to the extent that they have always been used for both purposes—and not just as a plot device in horror flicks, either.

      Machetes can be versatile when it comes to what it can be used for. Back in the day many people used it as tools to cut down crops while others may have used it as a weapon. Personally to me, carrying a machete is like carrying a huge knife. Like a knife, people carry it around for a weapon but then again, people also use it to chop up vegetables and meat.

    1. Prague residents surround Soviet tanks in front of the Czechoslovak Radio station building in central Prague during the first day of a Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia

      It seems as though the Prague residents are trying to protect their territory by casually standing around soviet tanks. It almost seems like a protest to stop attack.

    2. after returning home, became governor of Virginia in 1982, and later a senator for the same state. #

      I find it ironic how they are both interested in economics and pursued a high standing job. I guess it runs in the family.

    3. Soldiers cut a student's hair after he was arrested during the first hour and a half of shooting in the Tlatelolco area in Mexico City on October 3, 1968. Another student stands against the wall. #

      I wonder why cutting hair is considered a punishment after a crime such as shooting has been done.

    4. the first manned mission to the moon, entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968.

      What a great way to end the year. Having done an accomplishment as big as this deserves a standing ovation.Who knew it could be possible.

    5. The American trio was backed by the West German Rolf Hans Mueller big band and was celebrated with thundering applause.

      It's amazing that these girls made it this far in their singing career especially since they are women and colored.

    6. A Look Back at 1968

      It's crazy to think that so many important events happened in 1968. From the assassination of MLK to NASA sending a man to the moon in back, 1968 is full of historical events.