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  1. May 2018
    1. he gestural has always been important in face-to-face conversations and in the theater, but understanding the gestural mode is just as Figure 1.13 Katie Courlc's Opening to Her first Newscast Figure 1.14 Brian Willlams's Opening to His Newscast ~ t e e, e t; t;. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e ~ e e e e e e e e e e C C C ~ ~ t. ~ ~ ·*' .. • .. • .. • .. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ~ ' ~ ' ~ ~ ' " ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ • "' ~ ~ • The Modes: How Do They Work? I ----------------important when communication takes place through virtual interac-tions on-screen. Whether we arc participating in a videoconfcrencc with colleagues, a gaming raid with friends, or an online chat with family, the gestural mode provides an important way of connecting (or showing an in.ibility to connect) lo other people

      The gestural mode is definitely important when communicating with people . In the supplementary article i chose about the deaf community outrage the interpeter was using sign language which has some aspects of the gestural mode but he was an amateur and effectivly failed to communicate the information he was suppose to relay to the deaf population of the county which caused people to be upset. He was not using this mode to full potential because the message he was sending out to viewers was incoherent and nonsensical.

  2. Apr 2018
    1. Internet meme,

      Internet meme's are multimodal by nature meme's can be text , audio , and visual based of the medium . A popular example of an internet meme would be the pepe the frog meme popularized by 4chan. The meme originated from a comic called boy's club by Matt Furie then became a popular meme online on several messageboards before finally reaching 4chan ,reddit and tumblr. The meme ranged from being depicting the frog as shakespeare to various tastless sexual memes to eventually racist anti semitic memes after yearso n 4chan. I shows you how the meaning of an image can change over time. I've seen the pepe the frog meme used for everything from serious philsophical questions, outright sarcasm, hialrious posts and even out right offensive memes in each meme the visual of hte frog takes on a diffferent meaning due to its presentation.

    2. mutlimodal is characterized by several different modes of activity or occurrence. We use the various multimodal forms of communciation to interpet things in our everyday life from ligustic, to spatial , to visual to aural.

    3. Linguistic Mode ~ The linguistic mode refers to the use of language, which usually ~ means written or spoken word~. When we think about the ways ~ the linguistic mode is used to make or understand meaning, we can consider: ~ • word choice ~ • the delivery of spoken or written text !) • the organization of writing or speech into phrases, sentences, ~ paragraphs, etc. ~ • the development and coherence of individual words and ideas

      Basically the linguistic mode of communication is the words chosen to convey information. In the article it is written in a very informal way and the headline uses the word outrage in a over the top fashion. When people are outraged they usually are very angry about something. When i first saw the article seeing the words in the title made me intrigued and wanted to click to see why people were so outraged. Using the lingusitic mode of communcation

    4. Spatial Mode

      It is about the arrangement , organization and proximity between objects or people. The spatial mode on the website the article is hosted on has the news content on the left hand side. Meanwhile on hte right hand corner headlines for the most popular latest articles are shown. The title of the article is written in bold letters a title that is used to grab the readers attention. Also on further inspection of the article the video is palce on top of the article after the title to make sure the viewer clicks it before reading the article. This way the reader has an idea of what the article subject matter before actually reading the article. The text is short and spaced after every few sentences so the reader doesnt lose focus and doesnt really give much details. The way the article is written is basically designed to get you to click on due to the clcik bait title , watch the video and come to the same conclusions as the media seen as their no real details given about the situation.

    5. Different media use different combinations of modes and arc good at doing different things. We've all heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words." Some-times it is much easier and more effective to use an image to show someone how to do something or how you arc feeling.

      when communicating we should always think of the best way to showcase our mssage. Various forms of media combine different communication modes such as visual , gestural, aural or even spatial to effectively communicate their ideas. A picture can be a very good way of communicating an idea based off the subject the matter. For an example when texting back in forth with a friend an emoji can used to show you thought something your friend said was funny.

    6. ne cool thing about multimodality is that it can attend to multiple senses, which is sometimes necessary ii a reader has a preference or need for one mode of communication over another. When creating multimodal texts, authors should always remember that not every reader will be exactly like them, either in culture, society, class, race, gender, or ability. A text should be composed so that readers with limited vision, hearing, or touch-among other possible differ-ences within an audience

      This relates to the supplementary article because the article is dealing with deaf people. The majority of society is not deaf so it seems like in the article when making the news broadcast about the hurricane the county leaders didnt take time to look for an official sign language interpeter who could effectively relay the information back to the county deaf population. Also it is telling the reader that when communciating to remember we are not all alike and these differences should be thought about when communicating so you can convey your message succesfully.

    7. Aural Mode The aural mode focuses on sound. Whether we are talking about a speech, a video demonstration, sound effects on a Web site, or the audio elements of a radio program, the aural mode provides multiple ways of communicating and understanding a message, including: • music • sound effects • ambient noise/sounds • silence • tone of voice in spoken language • volume of sound • emphasis and accent

      The Aural mode of communication is used in the video presentation showcasing the broadcast. The tone of vocie of the speaker is serious and lets us know that the situation being broadcasted is serious and should not be taken lightly. The aural mode of communicating is used everyday by majority of the population even if you are not talking to anyone you might listen to music , visit a webiste ,play games on your phone etc . From reading the article the aural mode basically is the use of sound and we use htat sound to convey and exhange ideas on daily basis. For example when i get a text message my phone beeps this lets me know a message has arrived and I should check it out. Another example would be the sound my alarm clock makes when it time to wake me up . The sound is a loud ring i purposefully pick that conveys to me its time to get up . This relates back to the article because the aural mode of communicati

    8. Gestural Mode ·1 he gestural mode refers to the way movement, such as body lan-guage, can make meaning. When we interact with people in real life or watch them on-screen, we can tell a lot about how they arc feel-ing and what they arc trying to communicate. The gestural mode includes: • facial expressions • hand gestures • body language • interaction between people ·1 he gestural has always been important in face-to-face conversations and in the theater, but understanding the gestural mode is just as

      In the article about the deaf communty the gestural mode is showcased in some of the signing. First while signing the interpeter keeps moving back in forth and instead of looking forward he looks at the speaker. He seems very nervous and not confident and it shows in his body language. The nervousness might have also bene why he had a difficult time relaying back the information. Instead of processing it naturally he is turning to look at the speaker while attmepting to match every word that comes out of the speakers mouth.

    9. The word multimoda/ is a mash-up of multiple and mode. A mode is a way of communicating, such as the words we're using to explain our Ideas in this paragraph or the images we use throughout this book to illustrate various concepts. Multimodal describes how we combine multiple different ways of communicating in everyday life

      The supplmental source I choose was an article titled "Deaf community outraged after interpreter signed gibberish before Irma" . The article was about how the deaf community was angry because during hurrricane irma and interpeter used awful signed language that made no sense when people were being giving instructions on how to be safe during the hurricane. The interpreter sign language was awful and made no sense . The sign language relates back to this article because it uses multiple forms of multimodal communication. In the article the visual model is used and shows us the broadcast of the interpeter signing. Also in the article we have aural mode of communication which is the lady speaking over the broadcast giving people caught in the hurricane instructions and last but not least the gestural mode where the interpreter uses sign language to relay back what the broadcast is saying. In the article their was a break down of communication because apparently the interperter was an amateur and signed words like pizza, bear , monster nado ther nonsense during an importnat broadcast. The outrage stems from the fact that due to the hurricane people could have been in danger and the information the interpeter was relaying back to the gneral deaf population was very unreliable. The interpeter failed to use the various modes of communication to effectively relay back to the deaf population what was being said in the broadcast. In the article it is pointed out that the interpeter is an amateur and several people comment on this fact saying a professional should have been provided. It is also pointed out that he should have been facing forward instead of looking at the speaker. The article is perfect example of various multimodal modes of communication and how we use them in our everyday life.