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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Redefinition The SAMR Ladder: Questions and Transitions Modification to Redefinition What is the new task? Will any portion of the original task be retained? How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology? How does it contribute to my design?


    2. Modification The SAMR Ladder: Questions and Transitions Augmentation to Modification How is the original task being modified? Does this modification fundamentally depend upon the new technology? How does this modification contribute to my design?


    3. Augmentation The SAMR Ladder: Questions and Transitions Substitution to Augmentation Have I added an improvement to the task process that could not be accomplished with the older technology at a fundamental level? How does this feature contribute to my design?


    4. Substitution  The SAMR Ladder: Questions and Transitions What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?


  2. Jul 2017
    1.  Teachers in the substitution and augmentation phase can use technology to accomplish traditional tasks,  but the real learning gains result from engaging students in learning experiences that could not be accomplished without technology. At the Modification and Redefinition level, the task changes and extends the walls of the classroom.

      The idea of teaching foreing languages without the use of teachnology is imposible for me, and to any other educatior that base their lesson in current information to spark the student's interest.

    1. One way to do this is by introducing teachers to the different analytical frameworks they can use to assess, select, and use technology in their instruction. These are basically conceptual models that provide a number of guidelines for teachers to reflect on when trying to implement technology in class.

      How much technology is too much?

    2. SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) is  a four-level conceptual framework  developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura (2006) to help teachers make  effective use of technology in their instruction

      What is SAMR? After reading about this model, I concluded that SMAR is a process to help teacher evaluate technology and integrated into lessons to facilitate student learning.