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  1. Mar 2018
    1. ChristopherNames projectPSDQuiltRenardThick description

      Could you include tags that could communicate your "further understanding" as articulated in the introduction?

    2. description is the back of the panel I previously did, so similarities are unavoidable, if you’d like to read my description of the front the click this link.

      AWESOME use of navigation here

    3. Through this description I will further my understanding of the concept of culture and build branches to a deeper insight of the objects really mean.

      Interesting! If you include this in the introduction on this page, your reader will expect eventually to read about this "further understanding" somewhere... A new post? page?

    4. he culture of the HIV epidemic

      This seems a bit misleading. What subculture is embodied in your particular quilt block? Can there be said to be an "HIV" culture? Isn't it a disease and not a culture?

  2. Jul 2015
    1. My father was so very afraid. I felt it in the sting of his black leather belt, which he applied with more anxiety than anger, my father who beat me as if someone might steal me away, because that is exactly what was happening all around us.

      This reminds me of the incident during the Baltimore Uprising in April where Toya Graham beats her son. Stacey Patton wrote about this:

      The kind of violent discipline Graham unleashed on her son did not originate with her, or with my adoptive mother who publicly beat me when I was a child, or with the legions of black parents who equate pain with protection and love. The beatings originated with white supremacy, a history of cultural and physical violence that devalues black life at every turn. From slavery through Jim Crow, from the school-to-prison pipeline, the innocence and protection of black children has always been a dream deferred. http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/04/29/why-is-america-celebrating-the-beating-of-a-black-child/