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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Not only is it barbaric, it is biased.

      This word choice is bold. It's a short, choppy sentence that holds a lot of meaning. This particularly could appeal to Black people in the audience as well as any audience members that have previous interest or education on racial inequality. This word choice is also intense and emotional, captivating the audience's attention.

  2. May 2017
  3. Apr 2017
    1. metacognition

      It's funny to me that the previous 7 of the 8 habits are terms any high schooler would recognize, then "metacognition" at the end. I suppose we should put up some "Pass It On" billboards for "Metacognition"

  4. Feb 2017
    1. local agi-tator,

      Interesting word choice, here, particularly with the history of it's opposite, the "outside agitator". Though, in this context, it does make me wonder if there's a more technical difference, that Nell may have exclusively focused on Bostonian issues, rather the the more national scale or other activists.

    1. se11time111t1

      Heck and damn, there was a response I wrote about the word choice in "sentimental" and I can't find it now or who I was responding to. But this builds on its use, by making it a more robust emotional sense, rooted in more than just pathos.

    1. since training in common sense is essential to the cduw cation of adolescenL~

      I am curious in this translation to "common sense." The phrase is often used today as the homespun opposite of book learning, either practical experience, finding the simplest solution, or just a willingness to cut through PC regulations to say what we're (nominally) really thinking. Vico's use doesn't seem to square with these, it's about likelihoods and probabilities. I wonder if there might be a better term for this? Or does that contrast work for Vico's meaning?