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  1. Mar 2018
    1. In this sense I saw no general substance for helping me understand what was going on with the my specific subculture.

      Why not? Are the claims made in this work about cultural groups generally not relevant for Lantinx culture?

    1. , stood

      Write this in the present tense, which is what we do when writing about texts. This thing exists now, not in the past.

    1. ts.” (

      This period goes after the parenthetical information. By grouping the information with the sentence it refers to, you're communicating relationship. That's what a period does, gathers ideas into one relationship.

    2. multimodality

      Is this a term Compton uses? If not, you can put quotation marks around the term to indicate you're taking it from Arola/Sheppard/Ball and applying it to Compton...

    3. made comparisons

      Remember: the idea is to "think with" the concept of multimodality about the ideas iterated in the 'Pussyhat' article. This goes beyond "comparison..." Come see me for more discussion of this.