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  1. Mar 2018
    1. The gold-plated versions, meanwhile, are hurtling away from Earth are more than 35,000 miles per hour, looking for an audience. They may go unheard forever. But that doesn’t really matter to Pescovitz.

      So cool how their are trying to reach things outside of this universe which could make all aspects of communication way more interesting.

    2. “It came to the point where I was calling Papua New Guinea at 2 o’clock in the morning, and working with amazing ethnomusicologists around the world to try to track down as much information as possible, to find out about who these people were, what the music was, who collected it and when,” Pescovitz said.

      Using other people to help you find better multimodal research for what you are looking for helped Pescovitz.

    3. “It was absolutely sublime,” Pescovitz said. “The quality was like nothing we’d ever heard.” Sound engineers then transferred the audio on the tapes to digital files.

      Their reaction to the new ways they were finding out how you can better here things and how much of a impact this was gonna have on the research of this audio.

    4. archivist eventually found the tapes sitting in an underground, climate-controlled warehouse in western Pennsylvania.

      How they found the original piece. An archivist found it and it must have been hard to find knowing it was put underground somewhere.

    5. They made 10,000 special-edition copies

      Visual aspect will also change the text when putting it onto vinyl. Everyone will see it differently than before especially if you were around during the time period the original one was being talked about.

    6. Davis, Sting, and others. They launched a Kickstarter campaign last year to raise money for the project, asking for $200,000 to make 2,000 sets.

      Spatial communication and others are being used to move the record to vinyl whihc is changing a big physical arrangement of the text.

    7. extraterrestrials

      a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.

    8. book of the photos that were encoded in the original record.

      The visual aspect that was on the original book will not be able to be apart of the vinyl but can be sent to you anyways through paper.

    9. Golden Record on vinyl for the first time.

      Using spatial communication to rearrange it onto something else. was an audio and now for the first time put onto golden vinyl.

    10. Using audio from the original tapes from the 1970s, a small team in California has put the Golden Record on vinyl for the first time.

      This is the Aural part of the communication since the vinyl record will have no images but just music and sounds.

    11. Forty years later, the Golden Record is now on vinyl, and can be ordered online for $98.

      Gestural and Linguistic communication is what have helped people be able to have this vinyl for sale now. it use to not be allowed to anyone but now can be bought online by anybody.

    12. Even Carl Sagan, who led the record’s production, couldn’t get a copy.

      Why cant he have what he is in charge of producing? Doesnt he already know what the content contains and is about. Its NASA's property but it doesnt make any sense why he cant have a copy for himself.

    13. popular songs, sounds from nature, photographs, spoken greetings in dozens of human languages and one whale language—was, and still is, an alien civilization capable of deciphering the instructions on the cover to learn about one small world in the universe.

      Involves with all 5 modes of communication and has something to do with how these things came about through different communications.

    14. Voyager Golden Record

      Ball says, "A text can be anything from a lolcat to a concert tee shirt to a dictionary to a performance."This means that this golden vinyl record can also be interpreted as a text.