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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Storytelling has the potential to revolutionize the way we engage with cultural heritage and has been widely recognized as an important direction for attracting and satisfying the audience of museums and other cultural heritage sites.

      This is very interesting! I agree that storytelling has a lot of "potential to revolutionize the way we engage with cultural heritage." It reminds me of old folk tales told by your elders. The original ways of telling a story around a fire. Cultural heritage is a significant since its helps us understand other cultures than our own.

  2. Sep 2020
    1. leave their comfort zone, face conflict, and change for the better.

      In ancient times we told stories before there was the written word in order to teach from others' experiences. So, whenever there was a need for explanation or tale of caution it was told to the whole group. The elements (hopefully) were all there, unless they were bad storytellers and left everyone on a bad note (no one likes a story that doesn't have a change for the better...it's like a cliffhanger and we leave feeling unsettled).

  3. Jun 2019
  4. storylab.cu.studio storylab.cu.studio
    1. demonstrate growth, effort and understanding.

      I am definitely going for "growth!"

    2. .

      Brad - it would be super helpful if your links throughout the course (such as in StoryLab or this syllabus) to other webpages had settings to open up in a new browser tab. That way if we follow a link we don't have to use our back arrow to find our way back to the page where it all started. Just an idea. :)

    3. public

      If projects for this course align with something I can incorporate for a training/video/podcast at work is that acceptable? I am not sure if I am allowed to publicly post the content yet, though. No worries if not!

    4. with fellow classmates

      I noticed in the playlist of examples there were at least two different podcasts of "dialogues" with friends/relatives. For this semester have these been changed to dialogues just with fellow classmates?

    5. Check

      Is there a single check-in form that we will use? Do we already have access to this?

    1. Is something supposed to load under the 3 bullet points? I see a 'loading circle' but nothing is popping up.

  5. Jun 2018
    1. http://inte5340.cu.studio (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

      This is my blog URL: https://fcpayan.wixsite.com/portfolio/blog

      So all I do is tag it with #inte5340 and that will be it? Does it work with the Wix website?

    2. Pair-up

      Will we be able/expected to use canvas tools as we work in pairs?

  6. Jul 2016
    1. The blog roll of this course’s learners is available at right, and weekly peer-to-peer feedback about assignments is regularly provided via Hypothesis. In this respect, Hypothesis functions as a means of informal peer review. Regardless of whether or not these annotations are public or private, the social reading practices afforded by Hypothesis have allowed learners to create meaning together, hold one another accountable, and even scaffold comprehension.

      Powerful that the pedagogy produces a digital footprint for the learning community and the teacher-researcher to study.

    2. I’ll briefly comment upon how learners are using Hypothesis web annotation in INTE 5340, particularly as it extends and also differs from the pedagogy, design, and practice exhibited in INTE 5320 Games and Learning.

      Interesting to reflect on how mark up strategies and the instructional approaches differ across classes. Are they an evolution in Remi's thinking? Does the class or Remi have a sense of what is "effective" as an instructional approach, or what is effective in terms of a learner's personal process.

    3. INTE 5340 is a DS106 course

      What does this declaration signify for the instructor? For the students? For the #DS106 community?

  7. Jun 2016
    1. Daily Create

      My first [Daily Create] (https://flic.kr/p/HYLnCT/) with my three favorite things from yesterday - increasing the knowledge and understanding of someone else, dinner, and the little gator I found in my hotel bed.