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  1. Oct 2018
    1. ecessio

      ???? this essay employs many words that do not convey meaning clearly. Where did you get this word, 'cecession'?

    2. ctive silence

      this sounds like a conclusion. there's nothing being advanced here about what is active silence.

    3. n wome


    4. anifest the evolution

      how can a show "manifest" an evolution?

    5. His show

      when? has this already happened?

    6. e have to learn to accept others’ opinions for which we would want ours to be accepted

      What would you say is the main point of this paragraph?

    7. We have the freedom to express ourselves, unlike other countries.

      do we? who is we? what does freedom mean here? what does freedom have to do with active silence?

    8. Lebron James not only holds a high profile in societybut is an active member when it comes to giving back to the community.

      what does this have to do with "active silence"?

    9. re set to be equal

      what does this mean? set? set by whom? how? evidence?

    10. he media sets standards andlevels of importance when it comes to having input.

      what is the relationship between this sentence and the sentence before?

    11. she

      who is 'she' here?

    12. Laura also mocked his ungrammaticaland unintelligible language.

      do you mean to call his language "ungrammatical and inintelligible"?

    13. The average citizen will experience stillness and uncertainties when in this state of silence, and every citizen will experienceactive silence more often than we expect.

      "active silence" has to do with citizenship? politics? only ?

    14. This defines active silence as being opinionatedbut choosing not to voice it.

      this sentence is a good example of degree of generality

    15. With the current issues and ongoingcontroversies, some followers seem to be in a state of tranquility.

      "followers"? current issues? ongoing controversies?

    16. your

      Me? Mine? why "you" here?

    17. Jadie HuntEnglish 1102Definition Essa

      do you need this info and the opening page info?

    18. unt / Natural Sciences

      interesting. this must be appropriate to your specific audience/discourse community