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    1. he basket represents multiple layers of meaning on several different l~vel~. As a material object, it possesses a utilitarian function. For the non-Nanve, 1t is also a Mohegan cultural artif.ict. Through its utilitarian function, it serves to reinscribe Mohegan history and cosmology into everyday life. As a gendered cultural form, the basket is the embodiment of the role of women in passing on not only the basket-weaving tradition but cultural know~~ge as we~. F~nally, as a text, the basket assumes primacy over its newspaper linmg, reducing 1t to a utilitarian function devoid of communicative practice.

      Here we restate the importance of the artifact in mohegan culture and how something that is considered communicative in one culture newspapers is reduced to being used for a practical purpose for something that the Mohegan;s themselves consider communicative.

    2. Mohegan Wood--splint Basket The Mohegan manu'da, or basket, pictured here is in the collection of the Con-necticut Historical Society, It ia 12 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 11 inches high. It is rectangular in shape, with sides that curve slightly inward. The rim ia double reinforced and single wrapped, creating a sturdy durable frame. The cover is slightly concave, perhaps from age, with sharply defined comers. The warp and weft of the splits are of medium width. The basket ia decorated on three sides in Mohegan pink and green, and it is fully lined with pages .from an 1817 Hartford, Connectic

      Here we are shown how the basket actually looked this gives a visual component to the article which was just words before. The symbols on the basket in a western context are meaningless but defined within the culture it was created in is vast rich and interesting.

    3. spiritual force is present in this Mohegan manuaa. One of the primary symbols of the basket, perhaps the most important symbol found in Mohe-gan culrure, is the four-domed medallion. It is thought to represent the four directions, or four cardinal points, as well as the interrelationship of the soul, earth, and universe.

      Just like how the supplementary reading was about a disater destroying historic buildings in italy that were historic symbols of italian culture we see that same symbolism in the four domed medallion. The medallion seems to hold a important part in mohegan cosmology just like cathedrals do to the catholic church. Cathedrals are important symbols in catholic tradition showcasing all types of religiosu symbolism that communicates ideas of christ and christianity that have been passed through time.

    4. ohegan belief and cosmology. T

      Cosmology is defined as the science of the origin and development of the universe. in this case mohegan cosomogoly would be the origin and development of the mohegan culture. According to fitzgerald these baskets give us some insight into the development of their culture using symbols and patterns that are unique to mohegan culture.

    5. nn McMullen has suggested that the inscribed texts are political commentaries on the move to Brothertown by a faction of the Mohegan Tribe, spanning the years &om the 1770s to the 1820s. "The message;' she writes, "was that people would lose their Mohegan identity when they left the tribal lands:' 74 Any text is open to multiple readings, but this particular analysis reflects a non-Native bia

      Here we get mention of a non native perspective on native culture. Mcmullen makes an assumption based off current perspectives on Native culture and identity. While Fitzegerald has an entire different interpation based on her knowledge of the culture and its cosmology. We often make assumptions based of preconceived notions that can be wrong. In this case the assumption is based off interpetation the problem with the interpation is that is based on non native assuming the natives were sad about the loss of their culture instead of taking nito account the acual history behind the symbols meaning comnig directly from their cosomology. It also highlights fitzegerald point about people not taking the writings on the basket as writings because in western culture we only view written words as a record and are not use to the idea of people communicating without using text at all.

    6. I choose "Historical treasures lost, damaged in Italian quake" as my supplmentary source. In this article it talks about how a recent eathquake has destroyed /damaged hundreds of cultural/historical sites. Two sites that were in destroyed according to the article was the " Cattedrale di Urbino, an ancient Roman Catholic cathedral in the city of Urbino" and the "The San Giuliano cathedral in the town of Macerata " . According to the website freedictionary a cathedral is defined as "The principal church in a diocese, so called because in it the bishop has his official chair or throne (freedictionary) . Italy is the birth place of the catholic church so this defintly has improtant meaning in italian culture and relates back to main article by fizgerald in how people use things besides traditonal writing to tell their history. Everything from the design of the cathedral down to the various paintings inside communicate ideas about italian culture from the past and what it meant to the people who painted them. The italian toursite turismomacerata states that the only remnant is the capital was a parish church dedicated to Saint Julian and its existence dates back to 1022 ("Cathedral of San Giuliano"). This supplementary in away highlisghts western bias because italians recorded a large portion of their history so alot of this information is freely available on the net for anyone to read. The Mohegans recorded but not in a traditional western sense so you ahve to have knowledge of the culture and some access to the community to actual learn their history. Also in western culture people that ahve written language are often seen as more advanced than culutres who don't have a written language. When people see that a group doesn't have a written language they can easily dismiss their culture and its unique hsitory which has been done with the mohegan people due to the fact they didn't record things in a traditional way that we are used to in western culture.

      Cathedral - Definition of Cathedral - Synonyms, Pronunciation, Spelling from Free Dictionary, www.freedictionary.org/?Query=cathedral..

      “Cathedral of San Giuliano.” Turismomacerata, Turismomacerata, www.turismomacerata.it/en/cathedrals/cathedral-san-giuliano.

    7. ndians made baskets and other woven objects long before European and other settlers reached American shores, and they continue these cultural prac• rices to this day. The baskets and other objects are often covered with symbolic designs containing insightful readings into the particular culture from which they originate, According to the specific cultural context, the designs may take the form of figures, geometric shapes, or A.oral patterns. Baskets, which were and still are ceremonial and utilitarian objects used for transportation and storage of items, prayer ceremonies, and traditional games, fu

      so here we see that baskets and other objects are commonly see across various different indian tribes. They used these baskets for pracical purposes and as a way to communicate ideas and share their history. This relates back to the supplementary readining about the hisoric buildings destroyed in italy. The two discussed in the article were both used for paractical purposes and definitely communicate ideas about the beliefs and customs of the culture it was created in showing that in all cutlures people use forms other than traditional writing as way to showcase their ways of life.

    8. o read the Mohegan narrative of the basket, we must make a critical move that elides the Western print symbolic system in favor of traditional Mohegan communicative practices:

      this means we need to omit the western perspective on printed writing and try to understand these baskets in the context of the culture it was created in which makes perfect sense.

    9. S4 • The Mohegans Many of these basket sellers, noted for characteristics ranging from wit to sto-rytelling to musicianship, became legendary figures in the communities they visited. Few late nineteenth-century northeastern Native baskets were signed by their makers (a practice that is culturally Western).68 The narrative that un-folds in the textual surface of a basket is not an individual creation; it belongs to the tribal community. Authorship, then, is communal rather than individual,

      In western culture we someone is the author of a work tey usually take credit for it with a signature but in Mohegan culture ownership of works belonged to the entire community . In a sense this means authorship is often collaborative and not done by an individual sometimes with people adding on to the work.

    10. he Mohegan word for painting, wuskuswang, is the same word used for writ· ing, inducting painted baskets in a long textual tradition that includes decora· tive birch bark etching, beadwork, wampum belts, and the written word. These practices comprise systems of signification that were and are read as texts. Because they do not conform to Western conceptions of writing, they have been dismissed, ignored, and largely excluded from the historical record, thus obscuring the long history of Native texts and textualities.

      Basically Fitzgerald is saying that the Mohegan have a rich cultural history that still hasn't been unearthed to due to western bias on the unconventional methods they use to write in their culture.