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  1. Mar 2018
    1. ect Foundation which is lo

      Revise this paragraph so that it includes all the articles that it needs to. There are missing "the" "a" "an"s throughout.

      Also, consider adding a sentence or two that explains what you will and will not describe in your notes and why. (I notice you do not describe the comics themselves.)

    2. PSD2

      Consider giving this a title that communicates to the reader what the page will do.

    3. “In

      When you quote a quote, the quotations on the outside are double, the quotation marks on the inside are single ones... Like this: She wrote, "The teacher said, 'The quotation marks on the inside need to be single ones.' And she meant it."

  2. Feb 2018
    1. written by three editors

      Editors don't usually write much content beyond the introduction or preface.What do you mean?

    1. For instance in comic strip Doonesbury when Andy Lippincott’s character was introduced as a gay man with HIV/AIDS by Gary Tradue writer and cartoonist wanted to inform and aware all ages and communities across the US of the HIV epidemic.

      Does Han Yu write about Lippincott and Doonesbury? Or is this your thinking?

    2. By knowing whom your target audience is it allows you to use the proper techniques to present the information and convey your message through the image text ratio effectively

      Is this your claim? Or is it Han Yu's?

    1. When you live in a technological world that has the liberty to speak his or her mind someone is going to be offended.

      So this second paragraph is for you to consider how the information in the source helps inform you about your larger research question.

    1. The AMA Journal of Ethics is niched towards the medical and health care groups but anyone that is interested can gain access to the vital information that Published in the AMA taking place in our society.

      This paragraph does not provide the information that the 5 sentence format requires. Want to come in and work with me on this?

    2. MK Czerwiec is a woman that wears many hats she is a nurse, author, and artist

      How can you rewrite this so that it is not a run-on sentence? Do you need the 'she'?

    1. About the quil

      Really great page, Mary!

    2. Dedicated

      Interesting. Why put this here? Why not at the beginning? How does shifting it (or not) change readers' experience of the page?

    3. The quilt panel is representation of a lost but never forgotten life of Andy Lippincott who died of HIV/AIDS

      Is this objective description? If not, where else could it go?

    4. The base color

      Nice detailing in the above images!

    5. G. Scott Austen, Miranda Marceo, and Juan Carlos Castano.

      Who are these folks?

    6. Forgotten Andy

      What do you think about punctuation here? Might it clarify the relationship between "forgotten" and "Andy Lippincott"?

  3. Jan 2018
    1. fictional character

      Who created Andy? Who was the artist?

    2. research I learned he appeared as a comic character in the Andy and Joanie in January 1976 in Library Law, and is the only fictional character with a panel on the AIDs quilt. When Andy confessed he was gay to Joanie he fell off the comic strip for a few years but reappeared in 1982 as an organizer for the Bay Area Gray Alliance and contributed to congressional re-election of Lacey Davenport.

      Where does this information come from?

    1. In Conclusion,

      Interesting phrase here. Are you composing an essay? or a blog page? What's the difference? Do you need this phrase? Why or why not?

    2. unbiased so your audience doesn’t feel you have a biased critical assumption of what you interpreted.

      But is this possible ? What is bias?

    3. irst, you must identify one of the many object in a world of objects then research and analyze your interpretation and then you connect your conclusions in a descriptive creative approach via text format

      Yes! Isn't this interesting??? Language interprets everything. Do you think all experience is subjective then? Can experience be "objective"? If we can only know a thing, or communicate a thing via language?