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  1. Apr 2016
    1. Eliminate boredom by minimizing repetition for students • Increase students’ independence, motivation and class participation

      I think these two go hand in hand and are important because if a student is "bored" of the content that the teacher is trying to convey then the students will give minimal participation and feedback when the teachers asks.

    2. Examples

      Which one seems the clearest to you? Which one seems the most challenging? Why?

    3. expect all students to like contracts.

      What experience do you have with them? What do you think of them?

    4. Components of Learning Contracts

      How does our class statement of inquiry assignment include, neglect or extend these components?

    5. Select specific tasks to be evaluated; it is not necessary to evaluate every task.

      What might you accomplish independently, and responsibly? What might require evaluation along the way? How might peers evaluate your work? How might the professor?