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  1. Mar 2016
    1. “Beer.” He drew that beer and cut it off

      "Beer", Tom said. I was unsure whether the bartender truly noticed our appearance. Without further notice, he reacted on Tom's inquiry, drew the beer and cut it off. He seemed oddly absent, as if his mind where somewhere far away.

    2. Every one was very respectful to the peroxide blonde, who said all this in a high stagey way, but Alice was beginning to shake again. I felt it sitting by her.

      Everyone of teen titans was fighting the evil, but yet very respectful old blonde enemy called The Peroxide Blonde, who said: "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way", in a high pitched and powerfull voice, but big fat Alice, which was the greatest superhero of them all, was beginning to shake her milkshake to gain street credit to obtain the blue diamond's powers. I could feel the power increasing jumping on the trampolin next to her.

    3. “Did you know him?” one of the men asked.

      "Did you know him?" one of the men asked, more out of naked curiosity than of an actual interest in the emotional relations of a whore.

    4. The bartender didn’t answer him. He just looked over our heads and said, “What’s yours?” to a man who’d come in. “Rye,” the man said. The bartender put out the bottle and glass and a glass of water. Tom reached over and took the glass off the free-lunch bowl. It was a bowl of pickled pig’s feet and there was a wooden thing that worked like a scissors, with two wooden forks at the end to pick them up with. “No,” said the bartender and put the glass cover back on the bowl. Tom held the wooden scissors fork in his hand. “Put it back,” said the bartender.

      The bartender didn't answer him even though Tom asked very directly with a potent tone. He just looked absent-minded over our heads and spitted, "What's yours?" to a tall stranger who'd come in. "Rye," the funny looking tall fellow said. The bartender scooped the bottle and glass over the bar counter, and poured a glass of ice cold water.

    5. “I’m ninety-six and he’s sixty-nine,” Tommy said. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” the big whore shook with laughing. She had a really pretty voice. The other whores didn’t smile.

      "I'm ninety-six and he's sixty-nine," Tommy said in a joking tone.

      "Ho! Ho! Ho!", the big whore were almost shaking of laughter. "She has a really pretty voice" I thought to myself. The other whores sat with blank stares and didn't seem find Tommy's joke funny at all.

    6. “It’s a lie,” Peroxide said proudly.

      "It's a lie", the peroxide blonde repeated, refusing to let Alice get away with accusing her of such a thing. She was proud of what she had said.

    7. “It’s true,” said Alice in her nice voice. “And it doesn’t make any difference to me whether you believe it or not.” She wasn’t crying any more and she was calm.

      "It's true" said Alice in her nice voice which was the only thing nice about her. "And it doesn't make any difference to me whether you believe it or not because it's my belief and that is individual." She wasn't crying anymore because she just realized this herself while saying it out loud. She was calm because she had found comfort in the truth of her own words.

    8. “The other way from you,” Tom told him.

      Tom was rude, and said: "The other way from you", in an arrogant voice. He walked away without looking back, annoyed with everyone at the station.

    9. “You can interfere with this one,” he looked at the cook. “He likes it.”

      "You can interfere with this one," said the man and turned his eyes towards the cook. "He likes it," he said, obviously indicating that the cook was sexually disoriented.