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  1. Mar 2018
    1. e decided that each child would compile his or her own selected poetry anthology. The idea that someone took someone else's poems and put them in his or her book was astonish ing for some childre

      Allows children to express their interests through other peoples work while gaining knowledge on how to better their own work. This can also make the idea of poetry more interesting to them.

    2. n Day 1 our minilesson was simply to recognize that all poetry does not rhyme. We considered this an important first minilesson because we wanted to make sure that the children would be free to write their own poetry without the constraint of rhyme

      I think this is important. A lot of poetry designed for young readers includes rhymes. By letting students know early on that not all poetry has to rhyme it lets them write freely.

    3. ach child receives a copy of the day's poem to take home.

      This is a good idea. It allows parents to become involved in their children's school work and also discuss the topics at home, leading to more in-depth conversations that may not happen in the class room.

    4. hil dren are taught to choose books based upon their interests and the readability of the tex

      I think it is important to let children choose their own books. This allows them to further their reading skills while being engaged in the topic. If they were to always be assigned something they could resent reading.

    5. "The words are bouncy even if it doesn't rhyme." "I like to do lining on my p

      Poetry gives students different options on how to write. There are several different types of poems to choose from and poems can also be showed in different ways. Words can be in shapes and it seems that when writing poetry when the words flow they have a deeper meaning than if they were words in a story.

    6. mersion in poetry allowed this child to blosso

      i think poetry allows children to connect deeper with their thoughts and emotions. Poetry is an easy way of getting your feelings out and being able to express yourself.