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  1. Jan 2018
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    1. In his eponymous how-to, Prownian analysis aims to create guided conversations stemming from the object at hand to examine the significance of an object and any implications that arise. The article “A Terminal Condition: The Cathode Ray Tube’s Strange Afterlife," utilizes this methodology to explore not only the cathode ray tube's importance as an invention itself, but more importantly of its cultural and technological impact that shot far beyond its initial scope of practice. Almost two centuries later, J.J Thompson's invention of the CRT gave birth to another fantastic idea-- the telly! CRT's in televisions spread in a pandemic fashion, and a box could be found in every other home. However, as technology advances, the cycle of "in with the new" certainly did not ignore its counterpart: "out with the old". As flat screens replaced the boxy old things, the hazardous waste that it comprised were thrown out with no other viable salvation in sight. But the focus of the article was to use the CRT as an example for the endless cycle of iconic objects thrown to waste.