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  1. Sep 2017
    1. weaving

      You need a loom, the warp and weft to weave: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ivsWLcKeCHyEjSGq1

      ( photos by Aslihan Demirtas for Instructions by KHORA: http://www.alicindoruk.com/index.php?/publications/instructionsinterpretations/ )

      The weft is threaded through the warp. Warp is the structure onto which the pattern is woven. In weaving there is always a preexisting structure for the fabric and/or the narratives to emerge.

      Spider needs no loom--no external tool is necessary. The weaver, the loom and the thread have been merged in one body in the case of the spider. Spider's web is the structure and the fabric at the same time. This nuance between the tapestries of Arachne and the spider's web is important not to miss in the intriguing interpretation of the transformation of the young woman Arachne into Arachne the spider. What did the punishment really entail?