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  1. Jan 2022
    1. And no child in highschool regardless should be able to do that either because of dresscode, horny hormone infused teenage boys, and you never know if some of the teacher are attracted to children.

      The writer of this argument does not use a specific type of evidence (first-hand, second-hand, and quantitative). The writer does not use facts proven by trustworthy authority, personal experience that would be reasoning for the writers opinion, or data that can be measured, but rather simply stating their opinion as evidence.



    1. Dismayingly, Spielberg didn’t have the courage or the insight to imagine it.

      Throughout the whole article, Brody has been stating that Spielberg was not creative enough. By stating this as the last sentence he is leaving his readers with one last opinion from him that tries to prove his point.

    2. Spielberg didn’t open up the story to involve new ideas and experiences, nor did he reckon with the cultural and political forces that gave rise to “West Side Story” in the first place.

      He is stating his claim again to make a point and leave his audience with this bit of information and opinion left in their heads.

  2. Sep 2016
    1. It is an outdated burden on the Cuban people.  It's a burden on the Americans who want to work and do business or invest here in Cuba.  It's time to lift the embargo.

      This a use of "Begging the Question", or circular reasoning because it asserts that [the embargo] is a burden on the Cuban people, and goes on to invoke that it likewise impedes Americans. But is the embargo actually burdensome to either populations? It is not addressed.