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  1. Dec 2017
    1. the objects of education in the primary schools, whether private or public, in them should be taught reading, writing & numerical arithmetic, the elements of mensuration (useful in so many callings) and the outlines of geography and history

      Thomas Jefferson valued education. By implementing these objects of education, the University grew as a whole and has become what we know it as today. However, this system has become outdated and needed to be reformed, hence the creation of the New Curriculum. It is interesting to reflect on the changes of the University based off of this document. By creating a new outlet of education we are supporting the Thomas Jeffersons view of higher education for the University.

    2. To these should be added the arts, which embellish life, dancing music & drawing; the last more especially, as an important part of military education.

      The Universities ability to not only acknowledge the fine arts but sustain it, is a testament to the true foundation of UVA. To combine the arts with military education builds on the schools articulate educational structure. In addition to the arts and sciences, the arts is an important contributor to the development of the human mind.