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  1. Mar 2021
    1. The key is to keep constant tension on the muscles by maintaining a continuous cadence (no rest between reps) and reversing direction just short of lockout or just before bottoming out, depending on the exercise's strength curve.

      Deixar alguns graus tanto no início quanto no fim do movimento. Para manter tensão constante.

      Entretanto dependerá de qual exercício está sendo executado e sua curva de força (ascendente ou descendente)

    1. Metabolic stress: Increasing time under tension (TUT) increases metabolic stressand gives you incredible pump, or muscle-cell swelling. This swelling cancause both an increase in muscle-protein synthesis and a decrease in proteinbreakdown, which are essential components of the process by which the bodyrepairs and grows muscle tissue after exercise (4,5,6)