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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Improving the way to Communicate Learning Activities to an Informal Learning Collector

      CASAÑ, M. J., HIERRO, N., GALANIS, N., MAYOL, E., & ALIER, M. (2015). Improving the way to Communicate Learning Activities to an Informal Learning Collector. International Journal of Engineering Education, 31(3), 874–883.


      Lifelong Learning has been a growing interest in e-learning research communities, in a similar way as other related kinds of learning (formal, non-formal and informal) already had. In fact, the Tagging Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning Experiences project proposes a framework to manage these types of learning, giving special attention to informal learning. This project gathers informal learning activities with an Informal Learning Collector. The main way for registering informal learning activities data into the Informal Learning Collector is using push mechanisms where the user explicitly introduces such information. In this paper, we present some evaluation of user opinions about this push communication mechanism, and propose an alternative way to communicate informal learning activities data, by using a pull mechanism. Using the pull mechanism, the Informal Learning Collector collects data directly from external applications. After the introduction of the pull mechanism, Informal Learning Collector users have confirmed that usability has been improved significantly.