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  1. Aug 2019
    1. erearesupposedtobenearlyasmanyIndiansintheFondduLacDepartment,asinalltheLakeSuperiorDepartmen

      almost as many Natives in Fond du Lac as in all of Lake Superior area

    2. heIndiantitletothislandisextinct,havingbeencededtotheCadottefamilybytheIndia

      the Natives cede land (surrounding Lake Superior?) to Cadotte Family (Mission Family?) Hall and Boutwell think this means no more land needs to be asked of the Natives

    3. roceedtoMrWarren‘spost,atLaPoints,onLakeSuperior,whi

      Mr. Hall, Mr. Ayer, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Campbell (interpreter) traveled to La Pointe on Lake Superior

    4. outhsideofLckeSuperio

      the 1831 tour was focused on Natives on the south side of Lake Superior