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  1. Jan 2023
    1. We cannot risk giving up being the medium ourselves, to delegateonly to technics, in its substitutive potentialities, our mediality, especially our embodied affectivity. Wewill physically go back to the squares, the classrooms, the bars and cafes, with the awareness thatliving up to being radical mediators means opening up a new experimental stage in order to create anincreasingly integrative mediality, which can never be completely substituted by technics.

      Our reality is so intermingled with technics that, in the aftermath, we must remember to be the medium ourselves or create space for both the technics and our own relationality.

    1. ourfutures entangled together.Imbler 4

      We are still rapidly discovering new species and beings that we did not know to exist before on our planet. Their evolutionary trajectory may have split but they are ultimately tied to us by ancestry. However, we often look at creatures, especially new ones, and label them as alien, unsightly, repulsive, gross, creepy, etc. This destructive rhetoric leads to an irreverence toward their being. We do not know what the blob may feel, think, or do so why do we create this disconnect between them and ourselves? Respect can still be present without a connection but may take more effort. We must put in this effort, however, as they are ultimately our neighbors (evolutionarily and physically).