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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Definition of Done

      A great article on how the DOD applies now to the Scrum Guide and the Scrum Team. The emphasis that the entire Scrum Team creates the DOD prevents from misunderstandings in the future, as I’ve personally witnessed in the past.


    2. Introduction of Product Goal

      How do Product Goal and Release Goal relate? Is the Product Goal the product vision and Release Goal is helping us to define relevant Sprint Goals to achieve the Release Goal?

      Good reads about the Product Goal: https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/scrum-guide-2020-update-introducing-product-goal


    3. 2020 Scrum Guides

      Several articles on Scrum.org describe and discuss the 2020 changes: https://www.scrum.org/scrum-guide-2020

    4. removing any remaining inference to IT work (e.g. testing, system, design, requirement

      Things that have been removed:

      • The prescriptive elements of the Sprint Review.
      • The detailed outcomes defined in the purpose of the Sprint Retrospective.
      • The improvements that will be implemented in the next Sprint from the Retrospective.
      • Refinement usually consumes no more than 10% of the capacity of the team.
      • How to monitor progress towards the goal in Product Backlog.
      • The use of an organization’s “Definition of Done”.
      • The three questions for the Daily Scrum.
      • Meeting after the Daily Scrum for detailed discussions, replanning, etc

      Source: https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/scrum-guide-2020-update-what-has-been-removed

    1. “The entire Scrum Team is accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint.” While there are still explicit accountabilities for the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developers, all three roles must work together effectively in order to be successful with Scrum.

      While the SM worked closely with the Dev team to support them creating the DOD, with this new emphasis on entire Scrum Team the potentially odd moments of ownership and contribution from the SM/PO to the DOD are less likely to happen.

    2. everyone on the Scrum Team should care about and contribute to quality.

      This is where the new Scrum Guide 2020 generates some leverage for Coached and the Testing Engineers (as part of DEV). Testing/Quality is everyone’s job on the Scrum Team. Including all DEV, PO and SM.