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  1. Oct 2022
    1. ShortWeb adds the ability to automate actions on web pages. It allows you to click links, fill in fields, and more. You can write code to make this happen or just tap through a web page while ShortWeb is recording. You can then save a set of actions for a web page as a macro within the app. Then, in Shortcuts, you can call this macro within a Shortcut. This means that you can automate your way through web pages with Shortcuts easily. There are a few bugs in the ShortWeb app, but on the whole, it’s a solid experience. Give this one a look if you want to or already have created Shortcuts that work on the web! It’ll give you a plethora of new tools and ideas to work with.

      Automatizar páginas web.

    2. These actions include the ability to add passes to the Wallet app, parse CSV files, generate random data, and create universal variables.

      Ferramentas para automação e OCR.