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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Krishna,women of the family are corrupted;and when women are corrupted,disorder is born in society.

      If women corrupted the corruption will grow in society, because women shape the half of society, beside they playing an important role in families. so it shows that when a women corrupted then his son can also follow his path.

    2. I do not want to kill themeven if I am killed, Krishna;not for kingship of all three worlds,much less for the earth

      what does Krishna meant by three world? is it the three world that they believe to the life after death?

    3. They are teachers, fathers, sons,and grandfathers, uncles, grandsons,fathers and brothers of wives,and other men of our family.

      Arjuna stated that there are all my kinsman such as: teachers, fathers, sons i do not want to go the battle and kill them. is Krishna meant only his kinsman the reason to not fight or he was not able to do it?

    4. Krishna, I seek no victory,or kingship or pleasures.What use to us are kingship,delights, or life itsel

      Krishna state that if i want kingship, it is not because of victory or pleasure. then what Krishna meant by delight and life itself in the statement?

    5. My limbs sink,mymouth is parched,mybody trembles,the hair bristles on my flesh.

      Arjuna stated in this part to Krishna about his weakness that he is able to fight, he do not have power to fight in the battle.

  2. Jul 2019