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  1. Jul 2018
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    1. I felt my soul receding into some pleasant and vicious region; and there again I found it waiting for me. It began to confess to me in a murmuring voice and I wondered why it smiled continually and why the lips were so moist with spittle.

      There are quite a few religious references throughout the text, and not only in direct reference to the priest . I would be interesting to run they words using a narrative time analysis to see ho they are used through out the entire piece. I would also be interested in running a collocation analysis to see if they appear together frequently.

    1. hard life,

      This phrase has occurred more than once in the text. I would be interested in doing a word frequency and colocation analysis to see how often and in what context it is repeated to identify whether or not it is a motif.

    2. The strawberry bonnet fell forward: she sounded quite faint

      There are a lot of references to food and flavors in this passage. I would be interested into doing a word colocation to find out what words are used in what context / how they are being referenced.

    3. We tore through the black-and-gold town l

      There have been some i interesting verb choices and colorful descriptions so far. I think a word colocation analysis would provide us with some robust data to examine the unique ways in which verbs and colors are use.

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    1. laudanum,

      Aw we have discussed before in class, there is a motif of addictive substances, like opium, alcohol and laudanum. It would be interesting to do a word collocation/concordance to in what context these substance arise. I would also be interesting in creating a network of the characters based on these substance to see which characters share the same bad habits!

    2. The chance of searching into the loss of the Moonstone, is the one chance of inquiry that Rachel herself has left me.”

      Throughout his narrative Blake repeatedly links the mention of Rachel to the mention of the Moonstone / Diamond. I would be interested in running a word colocation / frequency analysis to see how often this happens in Blake's narrative and throughout the rest of the text. It may also be worth while to do a sentiment analysis and see what the tone is for each mention based on which narrative it came occurred in.