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  1. Sep 2020
    1. we are all subjects of unknown and unseen processes

      c’est le cas actuellement: il y a une asymmétrie sans précédent (<cite>Les deux textes</cite>) des connaissances et des moyens de manipulation/redirection massive des comportements grâce au big data découlant de la surveillance de masse en ligne.

      • pour une introduction grand public, voir <cite>The Social Dilemma</cite> récemment mis en ligne sur Netflix.
      • pour un ouvrage de fond, voir Shoshana Zuboff, <cite>The Age of Surveillance Capitalism</cite>.
  2. Jul 2020
    1. a new kind of power

      This is what Shoshana Zuboff sustains in The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: a new kind of power which can, at first, be apprehended through Marx’s lenses; but as a new form of capitalism, it <mark>“cannot be reduced to known harms—monopoly, privacy—and therefore do not easily yield to known forms of combat.”</mark>

      It is <mark>“a new form of capitalism on its own terms and in its own words”</mark> which therefore requires new conceptual frameworks to be understood, negotiated.

    2. One of these semiotizing processes is the extraction, interpretation and reintegration of web data from and into human subjectivities.

      Machine automation becomes another “subjectivity” or “agentivity”—an influential one, because it is the one filtering and pushing content to humans.

      The means of this automated subjectivity is feeding data capitalism: more content, more interaction, more behavioral data produced by the users—data which is then captured (“dispossessed”), extracted, and transformed into prediction services, which render human behavior predictable, and therefore monetizable (Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surviellance Capitalism, 2019).