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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Teachers should be better trained in detecting the signs of superior ability. Every child who consistently gets high marks in his school work with apparent ease should be given a mental examination, and if his intelligence level warrants it he should either be given extra promotions, or placed in a special class for superior children where faster progress can be made. The latter is the better plan, because it obviates the necessity of skipping grades; it permits rapid but continuous progress.

      I agree that teachers should be able to identify the superior ability in children. Teachers are around children for 8 hours of the day if in elementary, see them everyday, and have interactions with the students. They should be able to identify which students are superior and which students are feeble-minded. Many children that are superior are misunderstood in schools. I think a mental examination is efficient for superior children that way they can advance faster if they are superior. I think this is important to the history of psychology because it was stated "Teachers should be better trained in detecting signs of superior ability" and we now have teachers able to identify which students are superior and put them in GT classes. GT classes are called the gifted and talented. Students with high intelligence that are superiors are put into those classes which provide benefit to them because the classes are matched with their intelligence. We have advanced to understanding superior ability and have started putting children in special classes where they can continue to make progress.