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  1. Sep 2017
    1. As an estimate, for a scoping review of 120 studies, it could take the equivalent of 2to 3 weeks for one person one person’s time for, 2 to 3 weeks to undertake the process of coding studies,including developing and testing a coding tool, although this varies between each review

      Time taken to code for scoping study

    2. On the basis of our experience of carrying out scoping reviews, we estimate that it takes between 5 and20 minutes to apply codes to one research abstract, depending on the detail of coding required. However, priorto this process, time is needed to develop a coding tool. This involves: considering what data would inform theresearch questions, and therefore deciding the facets upon which to code, and creating a coding tool that isunambiguous, and both broad and detailed enough to describe the dataset. The tool is often developed usinga sample of data, and examining pre-existing tools.

      Time taken to code records