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  1. Mar 2023
    1. The pupil who enters one school system from another is a case in point. Such a pupil nearly always suffers a loss of time. The indefensible custom is to grade the newcomer down a little, because, forsooth, the textbooks he has studied may have differed somewhat from those he is about to take up, or because the school system from which he comes may be looked upon as inferior. Teachers are too often suspicious of all other educational methods besides their own. The present treatment accorded such children, which so often does them injustice and injury, should be replaced by an intelligence test. The hour of time required for the test is a small matter in comparison with the loss of a school term by the pupils.

      I like how they stated that the pupil suffers a loss of time. When I changed schools, I lost about a week of instruction because of the registration process. I noticed that the material was different from my other school. I had an easier time at the school I transferred to than the original school. I think intelligence testing could be a way for students to pick which school fits them the most. I think this can relate to the history of psychology because there were probably times where psychologists had suffered a loss of time because of an incident that occurred or something had changed the way they thought of something.