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  1. Nov 2021
    1. “You can’t close the digital divide with just pipes and wires,” Huffman said. “You have to also address the human side of the equation.”

      The Scandinavian countries, for that matter the European Union does not have the monopoly issue with Internet access, which in the U.S. turned into the battle for “net neutrality.” However, a related fight in the U.S., regrading digital inclusion, is much better and successfully fought in the Scandinavian countries by not only effectively establishing awareness, but by enabling relative digital equity in their countries, something, which Biden’s plan is just starting to aim

  2. Nov 2016
    1. reminding students to use alternative text for images to support those with visual disabilities

      This leads to digital inclusion as opposed to digital divide. Digital divide assumes that information is only accessible to certain areas/certain "categories" of users.