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  1. Oct 2022
    1. @55:10

      Sri: [...] you can think about the possibility that we're actually going to do this with structured data but then properly incentivizing people in order to actually moderate and curate the set of facts about the world—

      Will: Yeah, so I was gonna mention that, and I'm glad we're on the same wavelength here. What are the economic incentives that would help encourage the adding of correct, factual data to this knowledge graph and dissuade, I guess, spammers? [...]

      Sri: Yeah, I think that there needs to be some compelling reason for people to want to add data to the knowledge graph. [...] I think that, "Can we get a knowledge graph that is expansive—as expansive as Wikipedia—that, you know, says all kinds of facts about the entire world?" Yeah, maybe[...]

      Will: There are parts of the Web where people do that without financial incentives. I mean people list like every episode of, I dunno, Game of Thrones and annotate every time that people get killed or [...] all sorts of stuff. Fandom is like [a] huge thing and they just put out these... or like the—if you ever played Minecraft and looked at the Minecraft wiki, it's just so (chuckles) so detailed. Like, "Who spends all their time...?" [...]

      Sri: The idea of fandom actually is very relevant here, because [...] I have so far been thinking about the idea that the incentives have to be backed by some type of economic value—

      Will: Yeah, for a certain class of things [...] There are some things that are very well-tuned to economic incentives and the other stuff is well-tuned to fandom, right?

  2. May 2022
  3. geraldmweinberg.com geraldmweinberg.com
    1. Welcome to the Gerald M. Weinberg Fan Site!

      Do we have to wait for people to die before these kinds of digital fanclubs can materialize for people who aren't in entertainment?

    1. This is a good case study for what I talk about when I mean the fancub economy.

      Wouldn't it be better if gklitt were a willing participant to this aggregation and republishing of his thoughts, even if that only meant that there were a place set up in the same namespace as his homepage that would allow volunteers ("fans") to attach notes that you wouldn't otherwise be aware of if you made the mistake of thinking that his homepage were his digital home, instead of the place he's actually chosen to live—on Twitter?

  4. Mar 2022
    1. That’s a time savings of several orders of magnitude, but what would it take to also relieve me (or whoever) of this burden? Probably not much more than the initial effort, if it was done in the right place.

      the need for an ombudsman or viable "fanclub economy"

  5. Dec 2021
    1. the low rate of people continuing to blog after starting a blog

      Work on solving it with the fanclub "economy".