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  1. Jul 2018
    1.  learning what other people have done and how they have gone about doing it. It’s inspirational and educational to hear about what other people are doing in tech or whatever field that they’re working in
    2. Seeing them feel proud of themselves for having made something is really rewarding. Also it’s rewarding to see them produce something that allowed them to push themselves a little further.

      The notion of seeing someone "feel proud" reminds me of when we would use X-Ray Goggles to help kids remix the Google homepage at World Maker Faire and other Hive events (thinking of Summer Quest, Maker Party events, and other spaces where Hive members were programming for youth in public spaces - not necessarily for youth who were already signed up in their programs.

    3. Listening to all those stories from high schoolers — freshmen to seniors — and seeing the various levels of experience is really rewarding. Especially when you see someone who’s at their first hackathon. They’ve never coded before, yet they’re able to work together with their team and make a website or make a functional web application — and they’re proud of it.