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  1. Jan 2019
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    1. And I feel like there's just not that much literature in general in this space because it's just such a new space.
    2. I'm also trying to start writing this book about crypto trading. I'm trying to market it, or the intended audience is intermediate to advanced traitors because I feel like there's not a lot of literature out there for that. It's mostly like bitcoin for dummies, bitcoin trading one on one. It's going to be beginning or stuff. And I only know of one book that's for intermediate to advanced and that's an old coins, an old coin traders handbook.
    3. Uh, also treating, you seem to have this multi charts optionality option where you can show hr it's four to a whatever charts on one screen. They, um, they have seem to have like more advanced tools. I would say like now that I'm better at a ta and I know it more, I can, I have access to more options. MMM. They also show, I don't think when did she does this, but I know trading view shows, uh, equities and for acts and commodities. Like, sometimes I just want to pull up the chart and just see what it looks like.

      Once he understood technical analysis, he was able to appreciate the multi-chart tools on trading view

    4. I just chose it and I paid and it was only like, I want to say like 30 bucks a month maybe. I Dunno. And that was also during the bull run when I had a lot more crypto money and I was just like, whatever. I'll buy it invested in my, uh, in my education and tools.
    5. it just seemed to be that in the summer I like realize okay, I really have to like be in one place and sit down and focus and read and like I have to get better if I really want to be like a, an adept trader. S
    6. A lot of the tools I've been using the free versions because I haven't gotten to the point where, uh, I'm knowledgeable on how to maximize its value and therefore I don't pay for it because my knowledge is lacking.
    7. So when I'm trying to become a better trader, [inaudible] or dig into why they were so focused on the chart going one way or the other and thinking about what data points they're using that others might not.
    8. gerous. It's too short term thinking. It doesn't actually allow you to advance as a trader, but I'm able to recognize over time who, and the reason I'm curious to have a stronger uh, uh, success rates with specific styles of trading
    9. And I'm constantly looking for ways to get a competitive edge, either through education or the tools that I'm using that will basically just give me information faster or more efficiently.