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  1. Oct 2023
    1. selectively in ways that reinforce the biases against disadvantaged subgroups.
    2. which can result in less activity on disadvantaged-subgroup issues if they believe other organizations are responsible for those issues

      importance of intersectional problems and problems that affect different groups in different ways not recognised

    3. advantaged subgroups, who have more resources and influence, receive disproportionately higher levels of attention.
    4. Concern for disadvantaged-subgroup issues is generally lower than for majority or advantaged-subgroup issues.
    5. frame their debates in ways that align with politically dominant views.

      want to blend in and adapt to the status quo as an interest group which works within the existing system

    6. organizations frame advantaged-subgroup issues as if they affect more members than they do, while framing disadvantaged-subgroup issues as affecting a smaller portion of their membership.
    7. political opportunities and threats, as well as public support and controversy, can impact advocacy organizations' levels of activity on policy issues

      public ops can influence what org focus on campaigning for

    8. intersectional approach recognizes that marginalized groups face multiple forms of disadvantage and that their interests are not always addressed by single-issue organizations.
    9. identity-based organizations may neglect the concerns of low-income and working-class people.
    10. liberal advocacy groups

      liberal feminism defines what it means to be a women- middle class, white etc, so that only they benefit

    11. Organizations tend to prioritize issues that align with their previous work and that are recognizable as their own, while neglecting issues that cross boundaries
    1. potential benefits, in terms of building a body of knowledge, of developing new indicators and perspectives and of honing existing ones, and of increasing our confidence about strategic and policy recommendations for women’s movement
    2. important for political scientists to understand the conditions under which feminist movements mobilize and act, without assuming that they are always inclusive or representative of all women's movements.