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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Tutubox installation guide for iPhone and iPad Method 1 – install Tutubox directly to the device As the first step, you need to clear the cache and history in your Safari browser by navigating to the Safari settings.Now you need to go to the general settings and make sure that there are no certificates available in the certificate list.Then go to Wi-Fi settings and then you need to click configure the proxy. Under the configure proxy you need to paste this URL http://ffapple.com in the automatic field. Turn off Wi-Fi for about 10 seconds and enable it again and check if your proxy is still enabled, if not just go and enable it.The next step is to get the latest Tutubox version to your iDevice. You can use the official Tutubox website (tutubox.io). Visit this website from your Safari browser and then download Tutubx iOS for your device and install it.When the installation process is done, you need to go to Settings, General, Device manager, and then click the certificate and trust it. If you do not do this step, you will get a notification when you are trying to open Tutubox that says the term Untrusted Enterprise Developer.Now you have successfully installed the Tutubox latest version on your iPhone or iPad. You are good to go with installing apps, games, and other tools with Tutubox.

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